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Instructional Videos

Shelter Videos
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Shelter Accessory Videos
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Canopy & Pop-Up Canopy Videos
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Canopy & Pop-Up Canopy Accessory Videos
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 How to Assemble a ShelterLogic® MaxAP™ Canopy Enclosure Kit

Anchor Guide

Correct anchoring of your shelter is critical for overall performance and protection. Choose the best anchor for your shelter installation with our online anchor guide.

Download Anchor Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the fabric last?  Top 
Fabric life is affected by application, location and the physical elements the shelter is exposed to.

Can I buy a replacement shelter covering?  Top 
Yes, please call Customer Service at 1-800-932-9344 or contact us online.
* Your model# would be helpful in expediting your request.

How do I anchor it to the ground?  Top 
The shelter must be permanently anchored with any one of the following (Detailed anchoring options are included in each installation manual):
  1. Auger Anchors – Dirt/Gravel/Asphalt
  2. Easy Hook Anchor – Dirt/Gravel/Asphalt
  3. Cement Wedge Anchors – Cement
How does it stand up to wind?  Top 
Because all of our products are not engineered buildings they CAN NOT be wind rated. Anchoring the shelter securely is critical to wind resistance. If extremely high winds or storms are predicted the structure can be dismantled and stored. However we do offer custom Pre Engineered Structures that carry a wind rating when properly anchored.

How does it stand up to snow?   Top 
Because our products are not engineered buildings they CAN NOT be snow load rated. Proper anchoring of your structure minimizes the impact from snow. Keeping snow off the roof area is strongly recommended. However we do offer custom Pre Engineered Structures that carry a snow rating when properly anchored.

What happens if the cover rips or tears?  Top 
A common vinyl patch kit or fabric patch can be used with 3m spray adhesive number 90. Replacement covers are available also.

What is the warranty?  Top 
The warranty period begins from date of purchase (not the date of installation)
Will repair or replace the defective parts to the original purchaser.
Replacement or repaired parts will remain covered for the original limited warranty period.
Shipping costs will be the responsibility of the customer.
Customer must send photo(s) with a copy of the original receipt.

What is not covered by this warranty:   Top 
  1. Damage that occurs during shipping
  2. Abuse, accident, alteration, modification, tampering, vandalism, negligence, misuse, abrasive contact, faulty installation lack of responsible care or if affixedto any attachment not provided with the shelter
  3. Damage to contents of shelter any person or property excluded.
  4. Normal and foreseeable wear and Tear
  5. Improper installation according to the instructions provided.
  6. Wear of fabric due to acts of nature, i.e. hurricane, tornado, wind, flood, snow, wind driven debris, etc.
  7. Labor and installation fees. Customer is responsible for all zoning and permits if required.
To file a claim, fill out our Warranty Claim Form.   Top 
Warranty Details
Fabric Weight Warranty
5.5/6.5/7.5 oz 1 year (cover and frame work)
9.0 oz 1 year (cover and frame work)
14.5 oz 3 year for the zipper panels and frame prorated and 10 year for cover prorated
21.5 oz 3 year for the zipper panels and frame prorated and 15 year for cover prorated