4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Backyard Storage Shed

backyard storage shed

Finding the right backyard storage shed for your home can be tough. With so many styles, sizes and options to choose from and with plenty of ways to utilize your structure, there’s a lot to evaluate before making a purchase. Consider these 4 factors to better determine the type of solution you need for an organized outdoor space.

1. What You Need to Store.

To start, what purpose will your backyard storage shed serve? Do you need space to store lawnmowers and large equipment? Or do you need a designated spot to keep gardening tools tidy and organized?

Consider your shed’s purpose to determine which type of solution works best. For large equipment or bulk storage, consider an easy-to-maneuver fabric shed that offers quality weather protection like the affordable Shed-in-a-Box. For small tools or gardening supplies, consider a secure and weather-resistant all-steel shed such as the Designer Series Metro Shed. Knowing what needs to be stored ensures your structure effectively fulfills its purpose.

2. Your Landscape.

In the case of backyard storage, one size does not always fit all! Size, purpose, placement, the type of foundation, and even your climate may impact your choice of optimal backyard storage unit. Prior to making a big investment, you should understand local ordinances and building codes to determine if there are any restrictions in your region. This can prevent a major headache later and may help you decide between a permanent structure and more temporary/portable option.

Further, don’t allow a storage structure to be an eyesore on your landscape. Instead, select a style and design that enhances the overall appearance of your property. For compact storage that fits into virtually any sized yard, utilize a lean-to option such as the Yardsaver. For more spacious storage needs, incorporate attractive options such as the Woodridge Steel Shed. Choose appropriate sizes, styles, colors, and materials for your landscape and you’re bound to found the perfect shed to complement your home. Once you choose your structure, surround it with plenty of flowers, shrubs, and plants for an effortlessly blended outdoor space.

3. Your Budget.

The shed size, materials and design are all factors that can impact the overall cost of the structure and its warranty. And, as mentioned in the previous section, certain sheds may require property renovations or added taxes. Factoring in such expenses and determining your ideal budget will help you find the right backyard storage shed.

With that being said, fabric sheds offer reliable and affordable multi-purpose storage and shelter. While they can be used as a permanent solution, most fabric sheds are considered “temporary structures” due to their easy assembly and mobility. For this reason, these structures are often relatively inexpensive and don’t typically require any certification to erect. Even more durable options such as the customizable ShelterCoat offer competitive durability in multiple sizes at a reasonable ticket price. Consider price one of the many advantages of a fabric shed solution.

Alternatively, steel sheds offer a more permanent solution that often requires a foundation or base prior to assembly. If your budget has a bit of wiggle room, invest in a long-term solution with substantial space such as the Vinyl Murryhill Building. The Vinyl Murryhill securely stores valuable tools, motor-powered equipment, even small vehicles as a garage solution if desired. While these structures may be pricier, our selection of all-steel sheds deliver high-quality and long-term storage space that fits any budget.

4. Potential Enhancements.

Lastly, when searching for a backyard storage shed, consider ways to maximize its capabilities. Stack supplies in your fabric shed with the ShelterShelf bracket or in your steel shed with the Arrow Shelving Kit. Vent kits help reduce humidity and moisture in your ShelterLogic solution. Roof strengthening kits provide added protection against snow accumulation and harsh weather. Whatever type of shed you choose, a few must-have accessories allow you to get the most out of your structure.

Find Your Ultimate Backyard Storage Shed.

Once you’ve determined these important factors, you’ll find your search for a backyard storage shed much easier. See our selection of garages, sheds, and other outdoor storage and shelter solutions to protect your valuables and enjoy an organized outdoor space. Contact us to find your ultimate storage shed and shop below!

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  • Thanks for explaining these factors to consider when choosing a shed. It would make sense to find something that fits into your budget, as you suggest. My husband and I are looking for a shed, so we’ll have to make sure to check the budget first.

  • I appreciate what you said about the size, materials, and design of the shed contributing to its overall cost. My brother has been telling me about how he wants to get a shed for his yard to store some tools. I’ll pass this information along to him for his benefit.

  • I never thought about having the shed match the look of the outside of my home. That would allow for everything to have flow and look connected. I would like to get a shed to store all of my yard tools so that they are easier to get to then just being in the garage. This information will help lead me in the right direction.

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