5 Major Benefits of a Greenhouse

benefits of a greenhouse

Whether planting is your pastime or profession, greenhouses are highly advantageous gardening solutions. They provide an ideal environment for efficient growing, longer growing seasons, and more. If you’re unsure whether you want to invest in one, here are five major benefits of a greenhouse to help you decide.

1. Longer Growing Season.

Most obviously, a greenhouse offers an extended growing season. Being that the greenhouse offers a more controlled climate for growing, swinging temperatures – whether at the beginning or the end of the planting season – won’t put plants at risk. This allows you to plant weeks or even months longer than possible! For a year-round harvest, find out what to grow in a greenhouse each and every season.

2. Weather Protection.

When using a greenhouse, you also get a level of protection from harsh weather conditions.

As mentioned earlier, these structures shield plants from the effects of unseasonal temperature swings (such as an exceptionally hot day in October or frosty morning in May). Even strong winds or beaming sun rays can have a negative impact on delicate plants if left unprotected. Under a translucent cover (as seen in ShelterLogic greenhouse options) sunlight is diffused while sufficient ventilation flows throughout. Use a greenhouse to conveniently cover your plants and produce from the elements.

Benefits of a Greenhouse

3. More Plant Options.

Looking to grow plants that aren’t native to your region? In a greenhouse, you can!

Greenhouses can offer a much warmer and humid environment than the outdoors. The consistent heat and insulation allow you to plant more warm-season vegetables, including exotic plants! As long you understand the conditions your plants need to survive, a greenhouse allows you to adjust accordingly for your ideal harvest.

4. Pest Prevention.

Greenhouses are extremely beneficial when it comes to protecting your plants from animals, insects, and inclement weather.

With shelter inside an enclosed structure, pests and predators like moles, deer, and birds won’t be able to eat or attack plants. This also reduces the need for toxic pesticides or chemicals that ward off unwanted critters.

Benefits of a Greenhouse

5. Portability and Customization.

When using a ShelterLogic greenhouse, you get a gardening solution you can utilize how and where you want to. These extremely portable and easy-to-assemble structures allow you to place your gardening solution in the ideal spot for maximum sunlight and accessibility. Maneuverable (and affordable!) options like the GrowIT Greenhouse-in-a-Box even feature Easy-Flow side panels to adjust airflow and temperature control inside.

For large-scale farming, options like the ShelterTech High Tunnel Greenhouse also allow you to create your own personalized structure that accommodates your planting needs. Configure yours to include just the frame, the frame and end panels or cover, or a complete greenhouse kit with size options up to 100 ft. long! Reap the benefits of a greenhouse by creating your own ultimate growing environment from the start.

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Benefits of a Greenhouse
benefits of a greenhouse

Regardless of your gardening style, a greenhouse can greatly improve planting efficiency and results. The benefits of a greenhouse include plant protection, climate control, a longer growing season, and much more. From small raised bed solutions to large-scale structures, pick your greenhouse today for your ultimate growing space!

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  • I like how you said that a greenhouse offers an extended growing season. My sister has been wanting to grow a garden and was thinking about getting a greenhouse. I’ll make sure to pass this information along to her if she decides to get a greenhouse.

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