Snap-It Assembly Technology


    When customers are narrowing down their options for steel sheds and steel storage, they typically have three main concerns:

    1. Is the steel shed durable and will it last?
    2. Will it clash with my backyard space?
    3. How long will it take to assemble and will assembly be easy?

    While the market is saturated with durable sheds that look good, very few of these storage products offer convenient, easy assembly.  At Arrow Storage Products, we make a commitment to improving the customer experience – and we started this by developing an innovative, practical design.

    EZEE Shed 10 x 8 ft.

    How the Snap-It Assembly Technology Works

    When we introduced Snap-It Assembly Technology, our goal was to create an easier assembly process for our customers. That meant we needed to start with reducing the number of nuts, bolts, and screws in a steel shed or steel garage.

    50% fewer fasteners

    Thanks to our innovative Snap-IT Assembly Assembly System (initially designed for our EZEE Shed units), our engineers cut assembly time down by 50% by reducing the number of bolts, nuts, and screws.

    The Snap-IT Assembly System

    The Snap-IT Assembly System is made up of two parts: the Snap-IT Channel and Snap-IT Lock.

    The Snap-IT Lock

    The Snap-IT Lock is a method in which the steel wall panels and roof panels lock into place thanks to the rigid, overlapping end design. This unique design eliminates the need for manually assembling the steel walls and roof using hundreds of loose nuts, bolts, and screws.

    Simply snap steel panels together to assemble your shed walls.

    Snap-IT lock illustration

    The Snap-IT Channel

    You can think of the Snap-IT Channel as the glue that holds your structure together. Once all wall panels are locked together every 12″, they are then connected using the Snap-IT Channel.

    Simply slide the panel into the channel, locking it into place. The channel will then serve to bind the structure together, and also reinforce the overall strength of the building.

    Snap-IT Channel illustration
    Snap-IT Channel illustration
    Snap-IT Channel illustration

    Advantages of the Snap-IT Assembly System

    Illustration of a screw

    Faster and Easier Steel Shed Assembly

    The Snap-IT Assembly System simplifies the steel shed assembly process by eliminating hundreds of parts. Assembly becomes easier, less time-consuming, and more efficient.

    2X icon

    2X Stronger Steel Shed Design

    The unique profile of the panels reinforces the shed’s connection points, forming a heavy-duty fixed bond for a stronger, more durable shed that’ll take on tough weather and resist impact.

    Roof assembly illustration

    Roof Assembly Made Simple

    The unique ridge design makes roof assembly easier and cuts down on the number of parts.

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    The Snap-IT Assembly System is used on all Arrow Storage Products EZEE Shed units. Have questions about our patented Snap-IT Assembly System? Need information on how to assemble your EZEE Shed? Contact us today.