5 Benefits to Using an Auto Protection Solution
Aside from your home, your car is probably one of your most expensive and valuable investments. Without proper protection, you expose that investment to weather damage, premature aging, and other risks that contribute to car depreciation. In order to prevent such risks, quality coverage such as garages or keeping vehicles under carports are essential. Check out these 5 ways your car benefits from an auto protection solution.

1. Provide shelter from the elements.

Auto Protection As you likely already know, rain, snow, wind, and other outdoor elements certainly impact your vehicle’s exterior. Hail leaves dents, and rain and snow may cause rust. and even dirt or debris blown on your car can scratch the surface paint. And it’s not just the exterior. Dust and pollen can clog up your air filters or extreme cold can freeze fluids inside. Without protection, you potentially expose your vehicle to both short-term and long-term weather damage from all directions. Primarily, a vehicle shelter helps prevent such elements from damaging and deteriorating your vehicle.  With a wind and snow rated shelter like the ShelterTube, you easily and effectively shield cars so outdoor elements never compromise your car, inside or out.*

2. Protect from sun damage.

Besides the threats from inclement elements, sun exposure (even on milder days), poses issues of its own. UV rays slowly but surely cause the peeling, discoloration, and fading to the exterior paint, upholstery, and dashboard. Even if you don’t experience extreme weather in your location, sun protection is crucial to keeping your vehicle looking brand new for years to come. Not to mention, a hot car can be dangerous! In the summer, your car can reach temperatures up to 145 degrees F inside, and up to 195 degrees on the exterior. (Source: AutoBytel) Ouch! But if your car stays shaded, you minimize encountering dangerous extreme temperatures.

3. Help prevent theft and vandalism.

Auto Protection Did you know the number of cars stolen per year has risen since 2014 by 30%? (Source: The Telegraph) Even with many vehicles equipped with sophisticated locking or security systems, car thieves are constantly searching for their next steal (literally). To help prevent theft, avoid parking your car out in the open as much as possible. A thief is less likely to scope out a vehicle if it requires the extra effort of retrieving it from inside a garage or storage solution. Not to mention, storing your vehicles inside helps prevent peeping eyes from searching for valuables left inside such as a purse, cell phone, or laptop bag. For maximum protection, invest in a lockable vehicle storage solution like the Vinyl Murryhill Storage Building.

4. Lower insurance.

It’s true! Many insurance providers offer discounts or cheaper rates if you have a place to store your car.  As mentioned already, auto protection helps prevent weather damage, theft, or vandalism. With your car less exposed to these risks, you are less likely to experience such disasters, which your insurance can appreciate! Learn more about garage car insurance here.

5. Your car is always ready to go.

Auto ProtectionIs there anything more inconvenient than shoveling snow, scraping ice, or heating up your car while you’re running out of the house? Instead of spending the extra time to clean off your car wait for it to warm up, keep it stored within an auto protection solution so your car is always ready to go. Not only will you prevent the need to clear away the elements, but with it stored inside you’re less exposed to temperature extremes that your coolant, engine fluid, and oil often need more time to adjust to.

Shop Garages and Carports for Ultimate Auto Protection

Auto ProtectionWant to reap the benefits of reliable auto protection? Utilize an affordable and high-quality garage for fast coverage and shelter for your vehicles. Or, invest in a modern and attractive carport for effective weather protection in a more versatile solution.
PRO TIP: Can’t decide between a carport vs. garage? Visit this blog post for a better understanding of the features and benefits of both structures.
Whichever structure you decide to utilize, make auto protection a priority to maximize your vehicle value. Shop all garages and carports to find your ultimate vehicle storage solution.

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  *Wind and snow load ratings are only valid when the structure is properly anchored and correctly assembled. Keeping a shelter free of snow and debris is the responsibility of the consumer.