From Blah to Ah: These Backyard Sheds Transform a Cluttered Yard Into a Relaxing Oasis
This week we'll focus on backyard organization, look at the benefits of backyard sheds, and introduce you to a few of our favorites. Few things are quite as relaxing as kicking back in your own back yard after a particularly busy work week. Having a well-tended lawn and garden plays a big role in creating that relaxing oasis. Look around: Do you have bikes, kids’ toys, yard tools or other items cluttering up your space? Sure, you might be able to eliminate some of that clutter by storing bikes, toys and at least some of your yard tools in your basement. But be honest: Do you really feel like schlepping all those items out every time you need them? The porch is another option, but it doesn’t take much to turn an attractive porch or patio area into a cluttered, ugly mess. The good news is, a garden shed can help you get organized by providing the space you need to get organized, and it can even enhance the appearance and “curb appeal” of your entire property.

Backyard Organization: Choosing the Right Shed

Backyard sheds have become really popular in recent years as more and more people realize the significant benefits the right backyard shed can provide. The right backyard shed offers plenty of storage space for yard and garden items, including power tools, hand tools, mowers and other equipment, as well as space for kids toys and shelving to store fertilizers, potting soil and other implements. The key to getting the most from a shed is to select one that’s the right size for your needs while also offering a sturdy design and low-maintenance materials. For optimal storage, look for a shed that provides a good amount of floor space as well as ample headroom. The Vinyl Milford shed is a great option, offering 120ft2 of floor space, a high gable roof for added storage and plenty of headroom, and an easy-to-maintain exterior featuring a durable vinyl coating over sturdy galvanized steel. Resistant to scratches and abrasions, the combination of materials is five times thicker than standard steel, and an occasional rinse with a hose is all it takes to keep it looking great. Plus, the shed has a wide central door to make it really easy to access items you’ve stowed away.

Backyard Organization: Small Footprint Backyard Sheds for Smaller Spaces

For smaller yards or for those with fewer storage needs, the Designer Series Metro Shed has a 4’ by 4’ footprint that’s ideal for smaller spaces and for those who need a stylish spot to store garden and yard tools, push mowers and more. The shed features a decorative gable detail for added charm and a built-in floor to keep all your items dry. Another great space-saving option: Lean to sheds. A lean to shed “snuggles up” to your house or garage wall, offering lots of storage without taking up a lot of yard space. The Yardsaver® lean-to-shed is a great example. With a 4’ by 10’ footprint, the Yardsaver® offers 40ft2 of storage space, yet it fits compactly in just about any yard with a little narrow space to spare. Plus, its sleek design means it will enhance any property.

Backyard Sheds Give You a Jump on your Spring Cleaning - so you can enjoy a more beautiful yard this summer.

The right backyard shed will give you a jump on your spring cleaning. Not to mention you'll also enjoy a more beautiful backyard. Whether you need a place to stow yard tools, or an attractive way to hide your ugly trash cans. Backyard sheds can be a great addition to any outdoor space. So stop looking at your backyard as a cluttered space. With a little backyard organization and the right backyard shed you'll be able to get the most from your yard this summer.