1. Winter Storm Prep: What to Do With Your Backyard Buildings

    Winter Storm Prep: What to Do With Your Backyard Buildings

    The first big snow of the winter season can be an exciting time. But there’s nothing fun about winter’s fury when the slush and sleet arrives and you aren’t prepared. If you don’t have your winter tools ready on time, you may be facing an uphill battle when trying to clear the driveway or scrape ice from your windshield. Here are some winter storm prep ideas to make sure your backyard storage building is ready for this season.

    Winter Storm Prep to Keep Your Building Safe...

    An outdoor storage shed or backyard garage can certainly become damaged over the years if you don’t protect it from the elements. The first thing you should do for winter storm prep is to consider insulating your shed. Controlling the temperature of your storage building can go a
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  2. Safety Tips for Storing Chemicals

    Safety Tips for Storing Chemicals

    It is common for many shed owners to keep pool cleaners, pesticides, or even fuel in an outdoor shed. It can be a convenient place to store some of these more harmful chemicals to keep them away from children and pets. But there are some safety tips you should think about when you’re storing chemicals in a shed.

    Storing Chemicals in a Shed

    First, let’s point out that storing chemicals in your shed shouldn’t be a long-term practice. It could cause deterioration... and a shorter life for your shed. But i
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  3. How to Prevent Car Rust

    How to Prevent Car Rust

    If you’re trying to keep your car in perfect working condition, you probably make sure to get the oil changed regularly and rotate your tires. But often times, you may not think about how important it is to prevent rust. Not only is it unsightly, it can also badly damage your vehicle. Here are some tips and tricks to use to learn how to prevent car rust.

    What Exactly is Rust, Anyway?

    By definition, rust is a reddish or yellowish-brown flaky coating of iron oxide formed on iron or steel by oxidation. Rust occurs when iron reacts with oxygen and water. It’s something you certainly don’t want to see on the beautiful shiny paint job on your car. And it’s not only a cosmetic problem: left untreated, it can actually damage the integrity of the structure, according to Metal Supermarket. That’s why it’s so important to learn how to prevent car rust.

    How to Prevent Car Rust Before It Starts

    By now, you know oxidation can wreak havoc on your vehicle. What's the easiest way to prevent rust? You should keep your car out of the elements. Parking your car in a storage garage is the most important step to take first. No matter what vehicle you own, the ShelterTube Garage... is the ultimate fabric cover shelter that will keep your car safe in a harsh environment. If you’re wondering how to prevent car rust, this is your answer. The best part about this storage solution is the customization. The 12 ft. wide shel
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  4. How to Build a Shed Foundation

    How to Build a Shed Foundation

    When investing in an outdoor storage solution, you want it to last for years to come. That’s why it’s important to maintain your shed to ensure the belongings inside are safe through rough weather. One of the most important things to do is to make sure you have a solid shed foundation. Without one, you are leaving the base, walls and valuables vulnerable.

    Before Creating Your Shed Foundation

    Before you decide what type of material you want to use as the shed foundation, you should consider purchasing a base kit for your Arrow shed. They come in multiple sizes, and allow for a level start. Other Arrow base kit benefits include:
    • Constructed with durable galvanized steel
    • Easy installation
    • Keeps building off the ground
    Pro Tip: Arrow recommends installing a continuous vapor barrier 6 mil. thick between the ground and the base to keep moisture to a minimum.


    Popular Shed Foundation Materials

    How do you know what type of material to use for your shed foundation? It depends on your particular needs. According to Zac’s garden, the most popular foundations are:
    • Gravel- This type of foundation is not only cost effective, it is relatively easy to install. If you are planning on ever moving the finished shed, a gravel foundation is easier to move than other options.
    • Pavers- This choice is for more compact sheds, and are simple to secure at a fraction of the cost of other choices.
    • Wood- This is a simple and durable choice that provides a strong platform for your shed.
    • Concrete- This type of base is an ultra-strong and durable choice. It won’t shift, and acts as a permanent foundation for your shed.
    If you’ve decided to go with a base kit, all you have to do from here is finish up with your chosen flooring which you can purchase separately. If you're investing in an Arrow Storage Products shed, we recommend that you check out our informative section on foundations to help you set your own shed foundation, here. shed foundation

    When to Use a Floor Frame Kit

    Many people ask the difference between a ...
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  5. How to Prevent Rust on Your Steel Sheds

    How to Prevent Rust on Your Steel Sheds
    Steel sheds are such a great investment to keep your lawn equipment, garden gear, and even bicycles safe from the elements. Not only do they keep your yard more organized, they ensure your belongings won’t be damaged by wind, rain, or snow. However, steel structures can also be susceptible to rust. The last thing you want is to invest in a sturdy and durable storage solution, only to figure out the metal is wearing down due to excess condensation. If you’re wondering how to prevent rust, you’ve come to the right place! There are some simple steps you can now to keep your shed in great condition.

    How Rust Forms

    How does rust form, anyway? Well, the short answer is it happens when your shelter fails to stay dry. Condensation is usually the culprit. This happens when moist air comes into contact with a surface that has a lower temperature. If you’re wondering how to prevent rust, trying to combat condensation is the first step. How to Prevent Rust

    How to Prevent Rust Before Assembly...

    Before you even co
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  6. How to Assemble the Commander Series Storage Building

    How to Assemble the Commander Series Storage Building

    Assembling The Commander Storage Building

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  7. How to Assemble an Arrow Shed

    How to Assemble an Arrow Shed

    Arrow Storage Product Assembly

    A brief overview of how to assemble an Arrow Shed direct from the manufacturer. This video gives you a brief how to install a low gable Arrow... Shed. For complete
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  8. How to Assemble the EZEE Shed from Arrow Storage Products

    How to Assemble the EZEE Shed from Arrow Storage Products

    Meet the EZEE Shed: The All-Galvanized Steel Shed that Builds in Half the Time...

    Featuring our revolutionary patented Snap-It™ Quick Assembly system
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  9. 4 Garden Shed Organization Tips

    4 Garden Shed Organization Tips

    Spring is here, but before you can venture out into your garden and start planting, you may need to re-organize your backyard garden shed! If you’re dreading e...

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