Custom Storage and Shelter: 4 Solutions You Can Personalize
The ideal backyard storage solution differs for everyone. Whether you need to store gardening tools, lawn essentials, or even vehicles, you'll want storage that meets your specific needs. ShelterLogic offers convenient, reliable, and customizable sheds, garages, and other outdoor structures for storage and shelter the way you want it. Check out these custom storage options for your ultimate backyard solution.

1. ShelterCoat Custom Sheds

Custom Storage The ShelterCoat offers personalized storage for ATV’s, lawn and garden equipment, small tractors, patio furniture, bulk supplies, and more. But what makes ShelterCoat buildings unique? One of the stand-out features of the ShelterCoat is that you can choose size specifications based on your individual needs. With sizes up to 100 ft. long, and in some cases over 12 ft. wide, you can order a ShelterCoat to fit your specifications. ShelterCoat buildings also offer heavier cover weight options, making upgrading your shelter easy. Create your ideal shed by customizing your ShelterCoat’s style, length, width, height, material, and color. Choose from multiple cover sizes to determine the level of protection and durability you need from your structure. These compact, custom sheds deliver quality storage space for an affordable price.

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2. ShelterTech SP Series

Custom Storage The ShelterTech SP Series is a top of the line premium-grade shelter that - similar to the ShelterCoat - offers custom size options. This built-to-order storage unit offers competitive strength and durability, and is one of the highest quality long-term, fabric storage units on the market. Made in the USA with U.S. certified galvanized steel, and featuring your choice of  14.5 oz. heavy-duty or 21.5 oz. ultra-duty covers to choose from, this structure has been designed to withstand tough weather conditions. Get yours in round, peak, or barn styles in a variety of colors options for a design that suits your needs. Easily expand your ShelterTech structure if you need more space for even more customization to meet your needs. The ShelterTech SP Series ensures high-quality, large-scale storage that’s perfect for businesses, municipalities, farms, and more.

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3. ShelterTube Garages

Custom Storage The ShelterTube Garage is a storage unit that’s built to take on the tough weather. The ShelterTube is unique thanks to its square tube frame, giving it added stability and strength to take on tough weather conditions. These wind and snow rated shelters offer superior strength with powder-coated, 15-gauge industrial grade steel frames and multiple cover options to maximize durability and protection. Get tough and reliable custom garages up to 100 ft. long with the ShelterTube!

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4. High Tunnel Greenhouses

Custom Storage For plant protection and storage, ShelterTech High Tunnel Greenhouses offer the optimal gardening solution for efficient, beneficial, and personalized planting. In just 3 easy steps, you can create your ideal greenhouse for growing plants inside season after season. Buy only the greenhouse materials you need, select a size and style, and add to cart. It’s that simple! The ShelterTech High Tunnel Greenhouse not only offers a customizable space for plants but offers the perfect growing environment for plants. These structures effectively retain heat, with enough ventilation to minimize water usage and allow even small seedlings to flourish. Create your very own greenhouse or cool weather cold frame for planting your way!

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Accessories for More Custom Storage Options

While these custom storage options offer personalized design, including a few accessories allows you to customize your structure even further. Utilize shelving for indoor organization, ventilation kits to reduce humidity in your fabric structure, and anchor options to secure your backyard building depending on your foundation. For more items to further customize your structure, check out these must-have shed accessories for better backyard storage.

ShelterShelf Bracket

AutoVent Automatic Shelter Vent Kit

Looking for more shelter and storage solutions? ShelterLogic offers plenty of options in multiple sizes, styles, and materials for finding your ideal backyard structure. Choose from portable to permanent options, fabric to steel structures, and much more. With thousands of options to customize and make your own, you know you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for storage and shelter the way you want it.

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