Easy Storage: 5 Fast-Assembly Sheds

Easy Assembly Sheds Make Your Life  A Lot Easier

If your belongings have started to pile up in the back yard, chances are you've already decided it’s time for a shed. You can store anything from garden tools to ATVs, while ensuring they are safe from the elements. But you may not have the time or money to build one from scratch, or spend days putting together a complicated building. Here are 5 easy storage solutions with lightning fast assembly.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

You may think you need a larger shed to organize all your outdoor gear and odds and ends from the patio. But all you need to do is be smart about your compact storage option. Take stock of what you plan on keeping inside, and make a plan for your unit. You can use weather proof storage bins, tool hangers, and shelving to save space in a smaller shed. The Versa-Shed has a small footprint, but packs a big punch. This multi-purpose horizontal storage shelter is great for recycling bins, trash cans, and garden tools. Setup takes no time, and the self-balancing lid makes storage a snap. Another great compact option is The Yardsaver steel storage shed. The best part about this choice is it blends in like no other storage building can. The horizontal paneling looks fabulous against any wall, and is a great spot to store your bicycles, firewood, even your lawnmower. Benefits also include:
  • Electro galvanized steel resists corrosion
  • Sloped roof to reduce pooling water
  • UV resistant panels fend off rot, insects, and extreme weather
Pro Tip: For more organization ideas for a compact shed, check out our previous blog on the topic.


Easy Storage with Ultra-Easy Setup

Putting this shed together is so easy, it had to be named the EZEE Shed. The unique design means you have 50% fewer parts, which means less time on assembly. The Snap-IT Quick Assembly system also helps by making it easy for you to snap panels in place. The new swing doors offer a larger doorway, and beautiful color palette will make it a great addition to any yard. This is another great choice if you’re looking for an easy storage solution with sufficient airflow. Each unit has vents that promote air circulation which can really help with the humidity factor!


easy storage camo shed

Easy Storage for Camo Lovers

Whether you’re looking for a permanent shed for your back yard, or a hunting shed for your accessories on your property, the Shed-In-A-Box Camo is a great choice. Made with TruTimber camouflage print, it’s easy setup is ideal for hunters who need that additional storage, or anyone who loves camo print. This peak-style camo shed also includes:
  • One fitted camouflage cover with double-zippered front door
  • Water-resistant and UV treated inside and out
  • High grade steel frame
You don’t need to spend days or weeks creating your own storage solution from scratch. These incredibly durable and affordable sheds will give you easy storage in a fraction of the time. All you have to figure out is your favorite style, size, and material and you’ll have easy storage in no time!

An Expensive Look for a Bargain

So, you really had your heart set on that wooden shed? This Woodhaven steel storage shed will give you the wood grain look you’ve always wanted without the rigorous maintenance. The attractive barn style roof will give you that extra headroom when working on your garden. Setup is a cinch, too with precut and predrilled parts. The Woodhaven also includes:
  • Durable baked-on enamel finish
  • Sturdy electro-galvanized steel
  • Door lock for added security