Gardening Shed Ideas: Better Storage for Any Season
While growing beautiful flowers or delicious produce in your garden, the last thing you want to worry about is a cluttered mess in your garden shed. Even if you’ve started the season with neat and tidy storage, maintenance typically takes a backseat once your plants start growing. Meanwhile, tools get misplaced, fertilizer spills everywhere, and you can’t seem to find all the seed packets you purchased at the start of spring. How else can you stay organized throughout the season? Following our 4 garden shed organization tips blog, we’ve rounded up a few gardening shed ideas you can incorporate for a more organized, clean, and useful storage solution. Make tools more easily accessible, keep everything in order, and enjoy planting without the extra hassle all season long with these tips.

Gardening Shed Ideas for Organization

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1. Keep the little things neat and tidy.

Small tools, seed packets, and other mini-essentials are always the first items to go missing. If they're not missing, they get tossed into a random junk drawer you have to sift through every time you need something. Instead, designate specific storage spots for each of these items so you always know where to find them. And to make it simple, use items you already have! Up-cycle old mason jars, wicker baskets, or other small buckets or cans to stow away the small stuff in its own place. You can even label them if it helps you find what you need faster!

2. Incorporate smart shelving.

We mention including shelves as a way to stay organized in our last garden shed blog. However, reconsider how you use your shelves for organization that sticks. Organize tools in the order of what you use most and keep your most useful items closest to you. Store everyday essentials at eye level and seasonal items on the shelves that are further from your reach. And, always keep the heavier items low to prevent injury when taking them out or putting them back. Need shelves? See shelving kits and more accessories for your storage shed here.

Organizing for a Cleaner Gardening Shed

1. Take advantage of your shed's flooring.

Instead of using plywood, concrete, or nothing at all for your garden shed floor, include a layer of flooring that allows for effective drainage. Spread about a half foot layer of fine gravel to prevent puddles or moisture issues in your shed for one less thing to worry about. Note: you may want to consider an alternative option if you'll be wheeling large, heavy tools or materials in and out of your shed. Loose gravel could make them more difficult to maneuver. (Source: Southern Living)

2. Include ventilation.

A tight storage space with regularly used gardening tools often invites mold, mildew, and other fungi growth. Not to mention, chemicals and pesticides can create a mess in your shed if not stored at ideal temperatures. To keep your shed as clean and sanitary as possible, make sure it includes sufficient ventilation.
PRO TIP: Looking for a storage shed with sufficient airflow? Try the EZEE Shed. These all-galvanized steel sheds offer fast assembly, ample accessibility, and total security in a storage solution. Each unit features gable vents that allow for better air circulation inside, reducing humidity and keeping items inside safe. Choose from compact 6 x 5 ft. options or a larger 10 x 8 ft. shed for storage how you want it.

Gardening Shed Ideas That Maximize Your Outdoor Space

1. Opt for a compact garden shed.

If possible, maximize space outside of your storage shed by choosing a smaller option. Something like the Euro-Lite offers ample space to store all your lawn and garden essentials in a small and unique footprint. The Euro-Lite offers a double-door entryway for storing large items such as lawn mowers and plenty of head space to incorporate racks or shelves. Regardless of the storage option you choose, go for an option that best complements your outdoor space.

2. Plant around your shed.

You may have already secluded your gardening shed to a corner in your yard while your garden has its own space. But why avoid your shed? Incorporate it into your garden and grow around it! Surround your shed with plants and shrubs for a subtle way to store belongings without allowing your hardware to take away from the aesthetics of your garden.

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