Maintenance Tips for Your Arrow Storage Solution
Arrow Storage Products offer a wide range of steel outdoor storage solutions to meet virtually any storage needs. From smaller garden sheds to large garages, these structures consist of high-quality steel built to last. Still, proper care and maintenance are highly recommended in order to maximize the use and quality of your Arrow storage building. Luckily, we’ve summed up a few helpful tips from our Arrow Sheds maintenance guide to help you keep your steel shed in top shape.

Properly Prep and Assemble First.

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As with any storage building, a long-lasting Arrow storage building first requires proper preparation and assembly. Erect your structure over flat, well-draining ground, ensuring sufficient space from other buildings and trees to simplify assembly and avoid potential exterior damage. Here are a few things we recommend including during assembly for easier maintenance in the long run. Base Kits: Regardless if your base consists of dirt, concrete, crushed gravel, wood, or patio blocks, ensure a square and level base. This helps fit pieces together more accurately and ensures an even and sturdy backyard building. We recommend utilizing a self-squaring Arrow Base Kit (such as this one) to provide the most accurate base. Just make sure you get the right size to accommodate your specific storage solution! Flooring: If your base consists of dirt, gravel, or grass, consider adding extra raised flooring to keep your building and items inside better protected. Exterior grade plywood makes for a durable and easy-to-maintain floor. You can even simplify flooring by installing an Arrow Floor Frame Kit (after you’ve assembled your building). However, if you’ve already utilized a base kit (see above), a separate floor kit is not required. Anchoring: With any shelter, shed, or garage, proper anchoring is crucial for ensuring a safe and stable Arrow storage building. Make sure to choose the right anchor based on location and ground material for a more durable and long-lasting structure. See more assembly tips for a sturdy steel storage solution from the start, making long-term maintenance significantly simpler.

Keep the Exterior Clean.

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Admiral Series 10 x 7 ft. Shed

Utilize preventative measures and regular maintenance in order to maintain the polished look of your steel storage building. For a long-lasting finish, periodically clean and wax your shed’s exterior surface with spray-on car wax for a long-lasting finish. Use a non-corrosive, mild detergent with a sponge or cloth for quick care of any minor surface stains. And to take care of scratches, immediately clean the area with a wire brush or emery paper, wash it, and then apply touch-up paint. It’s also important to keep the doorway clear of dirt and to lubricate yearly. This ensures the door stays working and sliding properly. Keep your shed doors closed and locked whenever not in use to prevent wind damage. Shop all our accessories for door tune-up kits and more to maintain your Arrow storage.

Take Care of Your Roof.

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While our Arrow storage solutions offer competitive strength and durability, heavy snow, wind, or rain can certainly pose a threat to your structure’s roof. Regularly clear off leaves and snow with a long-handled, soft-bristled broom to prevent any dents, damage, or collapsing. In regions with lots of snowfall, consider including a roof strengthening kit for up to 50% increased protection against snow accumulation. Learn more about roof strengthening kits here.

Store Strategically.

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Finally, it may come as a surprise that how you store items inside can actually help prolong the life of your steel structure. More specifically, strategic storage helps prevent condensation that, if not maintained, can sometimes warp, weaken, or compromise your steel structure. Control condensation by allowing plenty of airflow throughout your entire building. Avoid stacking items together against the walls and blocking air circulation. Instead, keep items away from the walls and allow as much space as possible between them. You may also consider insulating your building to further help minimize condensation. See our condensation fact sheet for more information. Further, avoid storing chemicals or combustibles such as swimming pool chemicals or lawn fertilizer in your Arrow storage building. Corrosive materials can eat away at your structure, causing rust and deterioration. These items must be stored in air-tight containers to avoid any potential spills and surface damage.

Find Your Ultimate Arrow Storage Solution

Regardless of what you need to store, Arrow Storage Sheds provide quality storage space that’s relatively easy to maintain. Follow these simple tips and more from our maintenance guide for a storage solution you can count on for years to come. Shop our entire selection of Arrow Sheds storage sheds, garages, buildings, and more

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