Motorcycle Sheds: Solutions for Storing Your Bike
If you own a motorcycle, you know there’s nothing more exhilarating than hitting the open road on two wheels. You also know how important it is to maintain and clean your bike. Many owners invest in motorcycle sheds to keep bikes safe from rust and dirt. Deciding on which outdoor storage solution is right for you depends on your needs.

Motorcycle Sheds and Workshops in One

While investing in a compact shed for your bike can save money and space, it’s possible you might be looking for something more. Perhaps you want a larger space to work on your bike and even store your motorcycle gear. Meet your new best friend: The Commander. This storage option gives you a huge amount of space along with an area to store your motorcycle. Imagine parking after a long ride, and being able to easily store tools you may need for a quick repair. The frame, wall, and roof parts are made from galvanized steel, which means ultimate durability. The UV resistant panels are 15% thicker than standard steel, which means your bike is safe from rot, insects, and extreme weather. This option also has something many motorcycle owners really look for: pad-lockable doors to keep your valuable possessions away from thieves. The Commander also includes:
  • Extra tall walls for vertical storage space
  • Simple assembly with pre-cut and pre-drilled parts
  • Snow load

Weather-Resistant Motorcycle Sheds

Although it may be tempting to park your motorcycle right in the driveway, Mother Nature can certainly do a number on your hog! Weather it’s intense sun or heavy snow, your bike shouldn’t have to contend with the elements while it’s in park. Fabric sheds can be a smart option for storing your bike without breaking the bank. The assembly process is also simple! ShelterLogic’s AutoShelter RoundTop is a perfect solution for keeping your motorcycle out of the rough weather. This durable choice boasts an all-steel frame and powder-coated finish that prevents rust and corrosion. The ripstop polyethylene fabric is waterproof and UV-treated with fade blockers, and anti-fungal agents. It also includes:
  • Patented ShelterLock stabilizers for added stability
  • Ratchet Tite tensioning system for tight cover
  • Easy Slide Cross Rail System for continuous cover tightening
Pro Tip: Don't forget to use anchors for your fabric shed to add extra stability.
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Accessories for Motorcycle Sheds

Now that you’ve got the perfect place to store your chopper, don’t forget about a few things that will make your life easier. If you choose a fabric shed like the AutoShelter RoundTop, think about getting the Pull-Eaze Roll-Up Door Kit. The pulley system gives you quick and easy access to your shelter, and it can really come in handy when it’s time to put your bike away. To help keep your fabric shelter cool and dry, invest in this shelter vent kit. It will help reduce humidity and keep your motorcycle in better shape. If you went with a steel shed, adding tool hangers and shelving can help turn your storage solution into a multi functional workshop. Top it off with a workbench and your steel shed is complete!


Motorcycle sheds can be a game changer when it comes to stretching out the life of a bike. With these durable and attractive choices, you can rest assured your motorcycle will have a safe place to rest until you’re ready for another spin.