3 Tricks to Master End of Summer Cleaning
The days of lounging poolside in your backyard are coming to a close. Temperatures are getting cooler and soon you’ll be trading in those outdoor barbecues for fall get-togethers by the bonfire. You know what that means: it’s time for end of summer cleaning. Here are some tips and tricks to transition from summer to fall and get you organized and ready for the cooler season.

Say Goodbye to Summer

End of Summer Cleaning Before making the perfect plan for fall storage, you have to pack away all the pool toys and gardening tools first. End of summer cleaning can get started on the wrong foot if you try to start fall organization before you’ve packed away last season’s items. Sheds are the perfect storage solution for all your outdoor gear. For a multi-purpose horizontal shed that’s great for storing your trash cans or tools for the garden, the Versa Shed is the perfect solution. Its self-balancing lid makes it easy to open while offering two access points to your outdoor items. As an added bonus, the 2-Point Locking System gives this attractive shed added security. To give your outdoor space a little extra character, the Woodridge Steel Storage Shed is a solution that’s easy on the eyes. Function meets fashion with its attractive wood grain exterior. Its sturdy, durable building material also keeps those pesky pests away. If you like the idea of a shed for end of summer cleaning, but think you might need a bigger area for storage, you can customize your own! ShelterCoat Sheds give you thousands of options. Choose your style, size, even the color for a custom shed to store your all your items in one place. The fabric is UV treated and 100% waterproof, which means your belongings are safe from wind, rain, and even snow.

Create a Safe Place for Vehicles Ahead of Fall

End of Summer Cleaning With the cooler weather comes a different set of elements to protect your car against damage. A garage can keep your cars, trucks, tractors and ATV’s safe from whatever Mother Nature has in store in the fall months. For a simple auto storage solution for mid-sized or small trucks, the Garage In-A-Box Compact gives you everything you need for a quick and painless setup. Manufactured with a heavy-duty steel frame, this option also has a durable waterproof cover that will withstand the elements. The patented ShelterLock stabilizers give this garage impressive stability. If you'd like to store your car and all your outdoor summer gear in one place, consider the ShelterCoat Custom Shelter for end of summer cleaning. This choice gives you thousands of options to custom fit your needs. Choose your style, color, and size all at an affordable price. The premium powder coat finish protects the frame from rust while the ShelterLock stabilizers give it stability. This is an ideal shelter for your vehicle, ATV, and patio furniture when fall rolls in.

Make End of Summer Cleaning More Fun with Accessories

Let’s face it, sometimes organizing all your outdoor gear and tools can feel like a daunting task. Where will your garden tools and lawn mower fit with all the firewood you need to store for the upcoming season? A few simple garage accessories will be a game changer for your fall organization. Items like shelves and tool hanging kits can make it easier to see the contents of what's being stored in your shed, which can be very helpful year-round. Here are a few great accessories that will make end of summer cleaning simple. Did you know that one of the most common places to store firewood is a backyard shed? That's right - sheds are where many of us store our "extra stuff," which can sometimes include firewood for the winter season. And while a shed can be a good place to keep firewood safe and dry year round, it's important to keep firewood organized and off the ground to prevent it from moisture exposure and make it easily accessible when you need it in the cooler months. For example, firewood racks will keep the wood dry, and keep your backyard shed or garage organized and clean while giving you easy access to firewood when you need it. Who likes walking into a messy garage or shed, while you struggle to find a tool? That’s a problem of the past when you add the right accessory to your storage space. This tool hanger mounts easily on any wall and has 5 snap-in tool holders along with a small tool holder. Add another level of organization with a shelving kit. Aside from keeping your backyard looking great, storing your summer items properly will keep you from having to replace them next season. Who doesn’t love to save money? Choosing the right storage space to close out the summer along with some key accessories will make your end of summer cleaning a success. Cheers to fall!