4 Simple and Easy Shed Repair Tips
When there’s just not enough space in your garage for all the lawn equipment, an outdoor shed is the perfect way to keep your valuables safe from the elements. Some people even use a shed to store old pictures, furniture, or holiday decorations from years gone by. Whatever you use your outdoor shed for, there can always be wear and tear. Here are 5 simple and cost-effective shed repair tips to keep your unit in great working order.

1. Duct Tape for Fabric Shed Covers

Have you ever heard the adage, “Duct tape will fix anything?” This rings true when you’re looking for a quick shed repair on a budget. This transparent Scotch Tough Duct Tape can repair holes and tears up to 3 inches long in all ShelterLogic polyethylene covers. This clear tape means you can patch up an area without a visible tape line. Other benefits to this high-performance tape include:
  • Water and UV resistant
  • Conformable for a long-lasting hold
  • Easy to unwind and tear off
  • Long-lasting

2. Easy Cover Replacement

Easy Shed Repair Tips If you’ve chosen a shed with a fabric cover, you know it’s a perfect storage solution on a budget. Although ShelterLogic sheds are built to last, several seasons of tough winter weather may wear a fabric cover down. The good news is, there’s an easy shed repair fix. You can simply purchase a replacement kit. That’s right, you don’t have to worry about going out and purchasing a whole new shed after years of wear and tear. A ShelterLogic replacement cover kit is a great way to give your shed an easy makeover.

3. DIY Siding and Door Kits

Is there a piece of siding that’s rotting on your shed? Perhaps some rough weather left a piece of siding torn, causing unsightly damage to your shed. You may think you need to replace your shed altogether. Zac’s Garden suggests that with a few tools, you can replace the siding yourself and save cash. This is an especially good option when just a few panels need replacement. In this case, shed repair is a better option than buying an entirely new unit. With items like a hammer, knife, and flat bar, you can do the job yourself and save the money on a professional repair. Replacing the door kit of your steel shed may also be necessary after several years of wear and tear. Luckily, Arrow Storage Products offers affordable door kit solutions that work with most of our sheds.

4. Reducing Condensation and Leak Repair

shed repair You bought a shed to protect your valuables, so what happens when you realize there’s a leak? Water damage alone can be a reason why you may think you need a new shed. But perhaps, all you really need is some caulk! It’s a quick way to close off an area where moisture can get in and cause problems. You can place calk along the siding, doors, and even around the windows of your shed. Use a clear caulk for an attractive finish. As far as leaky roofs go, also make sure the screws on your roof are fully tightened, too. Adding insulation boards are another great way of insulating your building and avoiding condensation, which can create problems in the future. You can read more helpful maintenance and care tips for steel sheds here.
Don’t fret if you have a leak or damage to your shed’s siding. These simple shed repair options will breathe new life into your shed and give you more years of enjoyment. If you have any expert tips you’d like to share about quick fixes for your shed, leave a comment below.