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  1. Backyard Getaway: Turn an Outdoor Storage Building into a Man Cave

    Backyard Getaway: Turn an Outdoor Storage Building into a Man Cave
    There’s an old saying that a man’s home is his castle. Truth be told, it really isn’t. If you’re a married man, it means you share your home with your wife, and most likely your kids. That means you can’t hang your posters in the living room, which is probably overrun with children’s toys. You may no longer have privacy in your home, so why not gain your own space with a man cave in your backyard? You can convert a portable garage, shed, or other outdoor storage building into your own backyard getaway. All it takes to build a backyard man cave is some creativity and ingenuity. Once you assemble it, your backyard man cave can be the home-away-from-home you’ve always dreamed of.
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  2. Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Seasonal Essentials for Mom

    Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Seasonal Essentials for Mom
    Not sure what to get mom this holiday?

    Find gardening gadgets, shade solutions, and more outdoor items with our Mother's Day Gift Ideas.
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  3. Spring Cleaning Tips to Declutter Your Home

    Spring Cleaning Tips to Declutter Your Home
    When the temperature begins to rise and the clocks spring ahead, it becomes time to say goodbye to those winter blues!

    One way to say hello to spring is to open the windows, let in the fresh air, and get your living space decluttered and re-organized. Although spring cleaning should be an annual ritual, many of us see it as a daunting task. But if you ignore it altogether, it could have an adverse effect on your physical and mental health.

    The thought of spring cleaning can be scary, especially if you think of it as a one-day job. Even trying to get all your spring cleaning done over an entire weekend can bring feelings of angst. But psychologists say that spring cleaning can also help you manage stress.

    Here’s how you can tackle spring cleaning one task at a time and declutter your life.
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  4. 10 Creative Shed Uses

    10 Creative Shed Uses

    You already know so many amazing ways you can utilize an outdoor storage shed. Keeping your car or truck inside to shield them from the elements, or tucking away garden tools are just a few common shed uses. But have you thought outside of the box when it comes to your storage shed? Here are 10 innovative and creative shed uses for when you’re ready to breathe new life into your storage solution!

    Shed Uses for Quiet Time

    Let’s face it. Sometimes, we can’t find that quiet space inside the house that we need. Whether you want to watch television without fighting anyone for the remote, or maybe you need that meditative space to work on a hobby, a ShelterTech shed can make it happen! A spacious option like The Commander Series Storage Building will allow you plenty of options to customize. Here are some innovative shed uses for sneaking away to your own special hideout:
    1. Man Cave: Create your own home away from home. Check out our past blog for fun ideas on how to make it your own.
    2. She Shed: That’s right ladies, men don’t get to have all the fun! Whether you want to create a relaxing oasis to relax, or take up a hobby, this is a woman’s answer to the ever so popular man cave.
    3. Artist’s Studio: Backyard Buildings and More suggests to transform your shed into a quiet spot to paint or work on your glass blowing project. What a great place to get your creative juices flowing!

    Storage Has Never Been So Fun

    Sheds don’t always have to stow away items to keep them away from the elements. If you’re ready to retire your outdoor storage solution from doing the dirty work, think of some shed uses that would bring a little extra fun to your family. While this Red Barn Steel Storage Shed is an ultra-strong option to store just about anything, it’s also an imaginative way to create fun spaces like these:
    1. Kid’s Playhouse: Give your kids a safe place to keep their toys and use their imagination using your outdoor shed.
    2. Haunted Halloween Hideout: Create a spooky space for ghouls and goblins on All Hallows Eve! Check out our past blog for more Halloween inspired ideas.

    Shed Uses to Get Work Done

    Sheds can become an extension of our homes, and even our lives. Your imagination is the only limit to how you can use your storage solution. Why not use it to get some extra work done?
    1. Outdoor Gym: Ditch your high-priced gym membership and create your own retreat in your back yard with some free weights or even your treadmill.
    2. Office: Sometimes, we just don’t have space in the house for an office. Transform your shed into a quiet space where you can escape to finish up your work.
    3. ...
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  5. Motorcycle Sheds: Solutions for Storing Your Bike

    Motorcycle Sheds: Solutions for Storing Your Bike
    If you own a motorcycle, you know there’s nothing more exhilarating than hitting the open road on two wheels. You also know how important it is to maintain and clean your bike. Many owners invest in motorcycle sheds to keep bikes safe from rust and dirt. Deciding on which outdoor storage solution is right for you depends on your needs.

    Motorcycle Sheds and Workshops in One

    While investing i
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  6. Easy Storage: 5 Fast-Assembly Sheds

    Easy Storage: 5 Fast-Assembly Sheds

    Easy Assembly Sheds Make Your Life  A Lot Easier

    If your belongings have started to pile up in the back yard, chances are you've already decided it’s time for a shed. You can store anything from garden tools to ATVs, while ensuring they are safe from the elements. But you may not have the time or money to build one from scratch, or spend days putting together a complicated building. He
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  7. Outdoor Storage Cleaning and Organization Tips

    Outdoor Storage Cleaning and Organization Tips

    Buying a steel shed for your property is a great way to keep the back yard looking tidy and beautiful no matter the season. But how you organize the interior of your shed is just as important as how you clean the outside of your storage solution. Here are some simple storage cleaning tips that will give you easy access to everything you need while extending the life of your shed.

    Organization is Everything...

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  8. How to Build a Shed Foundation

    How to Build a Shed Foundation

    When investing in an outdoor storage solution, you want it to last for years to come. That’s why it’s important to maintain your shed to ensure the belongings inside are safe through rough weather. One of the most important things to do is to make sure you have a solid shed foundation. Without one, you are leaving the base, walls and valuables vulnerable.

    Before Creating Your Shed Foundation

    Before you decide what type of material you want to use as the shed foundation, you should consider purchasing a base kit for your Arrow shed. They come in multiple sizes, and allow for a level start. Other Arrow base kit benefits include:
    • Constructed with durable galvanized steel
    • Easy installation
    • Keeps building off the ground
    Pro Tip: Arrow recommends installing a continuous vapor barrier 6 mil. thick between the ground and the base to keep moisture to a minimum.


    Popular Shed Foundation Materials

    How do you know what type of material to use for your shed foundation? It depends on your particular needs. According to Zac’s garden, the most popular foundations are:
    • Gravel- This type of foundation is not only cost effective, it is relatively easy to install. If you are planning on ever moving the finished shed, a gravel foundation is easier to move than other options.
    • Pavers- This choice is for more compact sheds, and are simple to secure at a fraction of the cost of other choices.
    • Wood- This is a simple and durable choice that provides a strong platform for your shed.
    • Concrete- This type of base is an ultra-strong and durable choice. It won’t shift, and acts as a permanent foundation for your shed.
    If you’ve decided to go with a base kit, all you have to do from here is finish up with your chosen flooring which you can purchase separately. If you're investing in an Arrow Storage Products shed, we recommend that you check out our informative section on foundations to help you set your own shed foundation, here. shed foundation

    When to Use a Floor Frame Kit

    Many people ask the difference between a floor frame kit and a base kit.... Think of the base kit as a framework that you put together before you build your shed foundation. It helps you to create your level base. So, what is a floor frame kit? It is considered the last step, and gives you the frame
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  9. How to Turn Your Storage Shed Into the Ultimate Man Cave

    How to Turn Your Storage Shed Into the Ultimate Man Cave

    While you already use your shed to store tools, motorcycles, and other outdoor gear, it’s becoming more popular to transform a shed into a man cave. With a little extra planning, you can turn any outdoor storage solution  into your own personal getaway. Whether you want to watch the big game in peace, or create a hangout for you and your friends, here are some simple ideas to turn your shed into a backyard o...

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  10. Shed Anchoring Tips for ShelterLogic and Arrow

    Shed Anchoring Tips for ShelterLogic and Arrow

    Now that you’ve finally chosen the perfect shed for your backyard, you’re probably excited to start storing lawn equipment and other outdoor gear ahead of the fall and winter. But before you can start using your shed, have you properly anchored it? Anchoring is vital to any structure and often ensures that the building will remain erected safely and securely for longer. While most ShelterLogic and Arrow Storage Products sheds come with anchors, you may want to invest in anchors better adapted for your spe...

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