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  1. Improve Your Firewood Storage: 4 Basics Tips on What You Need to Know

    firewood storage tips

    Winter wouldn’t be complete without a warm fire stirring in your fireplace, and logs neatly nestled beside it. But what does it take to get a good

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  2. 5 Benefits to Using an Auto Protection Solution

    5 Benefits to Using an Auto Protection Solution

    Aside from your home, your car is probably one of your most expensive and valuable investments. Without proper protection, you expose that investment to weather...

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  3. Maintenance Tips for Your Arrow Storage Solution

    Maintenance Tips for Your Arrow Storage Solution
    Arrow Storage Products offer a wide range of steel outdoor storage solutions to meet virtually any storage needs. From smaller garden sheds to large garages, these structures consist of high-quality steel built to last. Still, proper care and maintenance are highly recommended in order to maximize the use and quality of your Arrow storage building. Luckily, we’ve summed up a few helpful tips from our Arrow Sheds maintenance guide to help you keep your steel shed in top shape.

    Properly Prep and Assemble First.

    Arrow Storage Newburgh 8 x 6 ft. ...

    As with any storage building, a long-lasting Arrow storage building first requires proper preparation and as
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  4. Grower's Guide: Planting in a Raised Bed Greenhouse

    Grower's Guide: Planting in a Raised Bed Greenhouse

    Happy spring! In our recent Early Spring Gardening Tips blog...

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  5. Choosing the Right Car Shelter: 5 Tips for Better Vehicle Storage

    Choosing the Right Car Shelter: 5 Tips for Better Vehicle Storage

    Car shelters are your vehicles' first line of defense against the elements. They come in many different sizes and price ranges, providing you with a variety of choices to find the perfect car shelter for your needs. If you aren’t sure which car shelter is right for you; here are 5 basic tips to help you decide the best vehicle storage that’s suitable for your storage needs.

    Why Do You Need Car Shelter...

    Car shelters provide an adequate storage space for your vehicle, either short-term or long-term. There are also a lot of added benefits depending on you
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  6. Make Organization Your New Year's Resolution: 4 Tips for the Backyard

    Make Organization Your New Year's Resolution: 4 Tips for the Backyard

    Getting organized is a great New Year’s Resolution to have, and it's also one of the ...

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  7. Tips for Dealing with Clutter and Shed Organization

    Tips for Dealing with Clutter and Shed Organization

    Organizing and Decluttering Tips from Elizabeth Hagen

    Unlike what you often hear, it is impossible to have time to do all that we think we have to do. For the overall organization, the most important thing is to prioritize your home activities with an ABC-noted system. A's are things you must do. B's are things you should do. C's are things that would be nice to do. Be sure you get through you're A's before moving on to B's and C's. Decluttering should be an A activity. To get started, answer the following questions: "What will you tackle first?" "When will you do it?" "Will you have help?" "What's next?" Make a list and check off your self-assignments as you go. To choose what you will declutter, visualize what spaces you'd like to free up for more important or enjoyable purposes. How will they look after you're done? For motivation, picture yourself enjoying revamped spaces. The fewer items you have, the harder it is to generate clutter:

    Learn to be a picky shopper

    • Purchase only those items you know to be useful, think to be beautiful or love.
    • Periodically empty your closets one by one.
    • Determine a decision-making philosophy to guide decisions on things to keep and things to part with. For example: How often do you use an item? Do you love it? Establish criteria in advance and stick to them.

    Decide what you will do with excess "stuff."

    Make a pile for donations, for trash, for a yard sale or for alternative storage, such as a backyard storage shed. The shed can be used for things you have decided to keep but that take up valuable living space. Sheds are not just for yard tools – they can be great places to store sports equipment, large toys, seasonal decorations, craft supplies, etc. More delicate items can be placed in bins first for protection from cold and heat. When it comes specifically to clothes, studies show we only wear 20% of what we have, leaving the other 80% taking up precious space for no reason. So, perhaps at each change of season, try on each item, keeping only the things that fit, that you like and that make you happy. Donate or dispose of everything else. Put your organization and decluttering project on a calendar – and follow through.

    On a storage shed as an organizing/decluttering tool:

    First, why get a shed?

    • Recent research shows a new frugality among consumers who are repairing or keeping things longer than they did during boom years
    • Moving to larger homes for growing families may be out of the question in today's economy
    • Placing things in a shed can free up space for more important uses, make your home and yard more appealing, protect your possessions, and keep children and pets safe from things they shouldn't access
    • Organizing your possessions saves time and money, eliminating the search for items you can't find or shopping for items you already bought
    • ...
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