Trash Bin Storage: A Clever and Attractive Way to Conceal Garbage and More

Why Should You Use a Trash Bin Storage Solution?

Every home has them – unsightly trash or recycling bins that never look good regardless of what they’re made from or where you put them in your yard. Whether on your deck, patio or in your front yard, trash bins are the ultimate eyesore in your outdoor space. Not only do they take away from the aesthetic of your backyard space, but uncovered trash cans can emit foul odors and attract unwanted animals or pests.

But just because your trash bins are unsightly doesn’t mean there isn’t anything you can do about them.

That’s where a trash bin storage solution comes in handy. Not only do these helpful solutions conceal unsightly and foul-smelling trash, but they help keep animals out and restore the look of your outdoor space.

Why The Versa-Shed is the Perfect Trash Bin Storage Solution

The Versa-Shed is a multi-purpose storage structure that easily stows away trash and other outdoor eyesores. The Versa-Shed is the ideal trash bin storage solution with plenty of benefits:
  • An Attractive Look. With a compact lean-to style design and an attractive wood grain pattern exterior with a glossy onyx finish, you can conceal eyesores effortlessly while complementing virtually any outdoor space. The Versa-Shed also includes a self-balancing lid for easy access to items and helps prevent accumulated moisture from affecting the interior.
  • Secure Storage Features. With a 2-point locking system both at the lid and on the front double-doors, added security is guaranteed for a worry-free storage option.
  • Durability and Strength.  The Versa Shed is made from high quality, electrified steel with a zinc plating to protect from corrosion and rust. And, each corner includes galvanized steel gussets for added structural stability and strength. This long-lasting structure includes a 12-year limited warranty.

Store More than Just Trash Bins

The Versa-Shed got its name because it provides the ultimate versatile solution. Besides trash or recycling bins, you can covertly store garden hoses, lawn equipment, and other eyesores easily with the Versa-Shed.

Also, because of the 2-point locking system, bicycles, expensive hardware, and other valuables can be securely stored without worrying about theft. And, the wide swing doors offer easy access when storing larger items for the ultimate multi-purpose storage solution.

The Versa-Shed comes in both a 5 x 3 ft. option and a 6 x 3 ft. option. Find out what you want to store in this multi-purpose solution and get one today! See more storage solutions and items for your deck & patio and feel free to contact us for more information.

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