Shed Preparation + Assembly Checklist

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    Here are some steps you should take to ensure your Arrow garage, carport or shed will be assembled safely and securely.

    Step #1

    Check weather, time and local ordinances

    Check with your local ordinances

    Although generally not an issue, you’ll want to with your local ordinances and zoning regulations to ensure you can legally put up your shed.

    Choose nice weather

    Check your weather to make sure that you’ll have good weather for the entirety of your build.

    Give yourself enough time

    Building could take a while, so make it a weekend project and give yourself ample time to assemble your outdoor shed.

    Plan to build from start to finish

    Try to finish once you’ve started your build – this will help you avoid confusion, complication and delay. You’ll be glad you did.

    Step #2

    Choose the proper location

    Before assembling your shed, you’ll want to be sure that you have properly and efficiently chosen a location for your building.

    Choose a large, flat area for your shed

    A flat area that doesn’t have a lot of bumps, grooves, or hills makes an excellent assembly location.

    PRO TIP: Don’t have an entirely flat surface to build your your shed? If the area where you want to assemble your shed is sloped, you may need to construct a support system on the downhill side of the site. You’ll want to build up support on the slope by using a sturdy and durable material like cement, cinderblock, or timber.

    Measure your site for extra room

    Make sure that the location you have chosen for your shed will allow the door to open fully and easily, without barriers that constrict movement or sidewalls you can hit and accidentally cause damage to your shed.

    Choose a site that doesn't easily flood

    In inclement weather, flooding can occur on your property. To preserve your shed you’ll want to keep it dry so choose an area with good drainage.

    Choose an easy spot to work in

    You don’t just want enough space for your shed – you want enough space to assemble it, too! Make sure to choose a location that allows enough working space for moving parts and easy fastening.

    Step #3

    Prep your space

    Before you assemble your Arrow Shed product – have you thought about a rock solid foundation? You can develop your own foundation kit by building one yourself using galvanized steel, cinder blocks or wood – or you can use one of our Arrow foundation kits that have been specially adapted for our steel outdoor storage units.

    Create a square and level foundation

    Be sure to select a location where you can create a base that is square and level.

    Choose your base

    A square and level base is critical for a square and level shed. There are options suggested in the assembly instructions for building a good base. An Arrow base kit can help you create a square and level base.

    PRO TIP: A continuous, unbroken plastic vapor barrier with a thickness of 6 mil. between the ground and the building’s base will help control moisture. We recommend keeping putting elements in place to reduce moisture accumulation within the interior of your building.


    Thinking of building your shed directly on grass or dirt? We recommend installing a floor – this will keep items better protected. An Arrow floor frame kit can help you quickly create an excellent floor using 5/8-in. exterior grade plywood (wood not provided; match dimensions to your floor frame).

    • 2 Phillips screwdriver
    • Pliers
    • Work gloves
    • Safety glasses
    • Utility knife or scissors
    • Carpenter’s level
    • Tape measure
    • Stepladder

    PRO TIP: Using a magnetic-tipped cordless screwdriver could speed up assembly time by 40%. If you use one, you may want to have an extra battery available.

    Two is better than one

    We recommend that two people tackle assembly and not just a single person. This will make assembly easier and faster – plus, who doesn’t like some company?

    Read your instructions

    Keep in mind these are basic recommended instructions. Before assembly, check the assembly instructions or product manual that came with your shed to ensure you have the proper equipment to start your build.

    Always anchor your shed

    No matter what product you’re assembling in your backyard, you’ll want to anchor it down permanently for safety and security reasons. At Arrow, we offer a variety of different anchoring options for different types of foundations; you can see these options here. If you need to leave your building before it is completely assembled, you will need to temporarily anchor the corners of the shed to your base, and place weights, such as patio blocks or sandbags, on top of the floor frame.

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