Looking for Elegant Outdoor Shade? Check Out These Backyard Gazebo Ideas


No matter the season, you’re always entertaining friends and family. Whether it’s a get together for the big game, or a holiday gathering, enjoying food and fun outdoors never goes out of style. Sometimes shade can be at a premium when it comes to those outdoor parties. A fabulous way to give your guests comfort while adding style to your backyard is by adding a gazebo. Here are some backyard gazebo ideas that will take your outdoor décor to the next level.

Choosing the Right Gazebo

When it comes to backyard gazebo ideas, the options are endless. But when you’re looking for an attractive outdoor gazebo at an even more attractive price, soft top gazebos are the answer!

The Redwood Gazebo from ShelterLogic is a versatile addition to your back yard. Made with a sturdy steel frame, the stylish cover is also water resistant and fire-rated. It will protect you and your guests from harmful UVA and UVB rays, while giving your space an elegant touch. Whether you’re gathering for a summer barbecue, or even an outdoor holiday party, this provides you plenty of space and comfort. The Redwood also includes:

  • Easy assembly with no additional parts required
  • Four exterior wide cross beam trusses for reinforced shade coverage
  • Square tube leg posts for a solid roof to leg attachment

The Sequoia is another amazing soft top gazebo that will add a level of sophistication to your back yard, deck, patio, or garden. Also made with a strong frame and durable fabric cover, assembly is a snap.

Backyard Gazebo Ideas to Impress

It’s likely your guests will already be happy to see a lovely place to sit in your back yard that shields them from the sun. But there are some great backyard gazebo tricks to use to up your entertainment game!

Backyard Boss suggests to reflect your personality with your gazebo. What does that mean? If you like bold and bright colors, choose the right furniture to go under your gazebo. Find a gorgeous outdoor sofa outfitted with pillows and décor that make you feel at home. If you’re not big on décor, but want to make sure you have a birds-eye view on game day, set up your gazebo near your television and make sure there’s easy access to your outside refrigerator!

Backyard Boss also suggests to bring more outdoor elements inside your gazebo. Add plants, birdhouses, or other outdoor décor to the interior of your gazebo to really play up your beautiful surroundings.

Or, if you’re the expert barbecue master who wants to keep cool while making all the great food, the Sojag BBQ Ventura Grill is the perfect hardtop gazebo to protect your grill from the elements while keeping you cool. It even has shelving built in so you can serve your food, or use the extra counter space for items you need while you’re cooking!


The best backyard gazebo ideas are the ones that reflect your personality and show your guests who you are. While they provide shade and give your back yard an added beauty, they are also great to show off your style.

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