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Need to carry a lot of items to and from your beach spot? We've made it easy to do with our functional and lightweight beach carts.

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Beach Carts Save You Time and Energy

Bringing everything you need to take from your car to your perfect spot on the beach can be an inefficient and exhausting experience. Instead of making multiple back and forth trips, you need to get a beach cart. Moving your essentials in an easy-to-use beach cart saves time and energy so you can have more fun in the sun!

Beach Carts are Built for Strength and Convenience

Beach carts are designed with strength and convenience in mind. They have big sturdy wheels that roll over most sandy terrain and handles that make the cart easy to steer and control. They can carry a lot of cargo, so you don’t need to make multiple trips from your car to your spot on the beach. You can hang beach chairs on the front of the cart’s frame, and place your cooler, canopy, and sun shelter on the cart’s base. Everything else you need for safe fun in the sun, like sunscreen, towels, electronics, and frisbees, can go in a beach cart’s storage bag.

Some beach carts have attached cooler pouches so you can safely store food and drinks and leave the cooler at home. Others have built-in umbrella holders. When they aren’t in use, beach carts fold flat for convenient storage in your garage or basement.

Use a Beach Cart for Laundry, Groceries, and More!

Beach carts are very handy and can be used anywhere you need to move your stuff from one place to another. You can use them to haul your team’s sports equipment from your car to the field. You can use them at the laundromat, so you don’t have to carry multiple loads from the folding table to your vehicle. Beach carts make it less strenuous to move grocery bags or luggage from your car to your doorstep. If you have a heavy household load to carry, a beach cart will make your job easier.