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Take comfortable seating with you anywhere with our backpack chairs. Available in a variety of colors, styles and sizes and featuring comfortable carry straps for trips to the beach, sporting events and more.

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What is a Backpack Chair?

A backpack chair is a versatile seating solution that can turn from a beach chair to a backpack in just seconds. A backpack chair for the beach will make your next trip by the water a snap thanks to its slick and convenient design. When you are getting ready for your beach trip, simply pack the sunscreen, books, snacks, and drinks into your spacious bag and throw it over your back. This will allow you to travel hands-free to the beach, and upon your arrival, you can transform your backpack right into a chair!

How does a Backpack Chair for the Beach Differ from a Backpack Beach Chair?

ShelterLogic Group has a variety of backpack chair options that you can bring camping, to a sporting event, or even to a concert. The difference between a backpack chair and a backpack beach chair is that one is created with the beach in mind, while the other can be used for your other outdoor adventures. While you can bring any of these backpack chair options by the sand and surf, a backpack beach chair is created specifically for your beach excursions. They are made with a high-quality aluminum that can stand up to the sand and salt water.

Features and Benefits of a Backpack Beach Chair

A backpack chair has a variety of benefits for your next trip to the beach including:

  • Creature comforts: These backpack chair options have the coziest additions to make your day a breeze, including built-in cupholders, a contoured head pillow, and molded arms. You can also choose from models that have multiple seating positions for when you want to lay all the way back or sit up straight to read a book.
  • Sturdy construction: These backpack chairs are constructed with aluminum that can stand up to the wind and surf, along with durable fabric that will withstand the elements season after season.
  • Portability: A backpack chair must be lightweight for when you are making your trip down to the water in the sand. These backpack beach chair options are constructed with convenience in mind for simple transport.
  • Convenience: Some backpack chair models have separate detachable totes for your cell phone, snacks, and keys. The last thing you want at the beach is for your belongings to get full of sand or soaking wet.
  • Island style: It won’t be difficult to find your spot on the beach with these stylish backpack chair options with beautiful colors and designs that will give you an island vibe all year long.