Canopy Chairs

Canopy Chairs for Great Shade and Comfortable Seating

If you're looking for extra protection against harmful UV rays while reclining at the beach or on your next adventure, consider one of our stylish and affordable canopy chairs.

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What is a Canopy Chair?

Canopy chairs are unique seating options that are utilized for easy comfort as well as unmatched sun protection. These chairs have a sunshade attached to the chair that protects you from harmful UV rays that can cause skin cancer or a painful sunburn.

While keeping your skin away from the sun is probably your top priority with a canopy beach chair, it is also incredibly comfortable because the canopy will automatically help to keep you cooler by lowering the temperature while you enjoy the great outdoors.

Why Do I Need a Canopy Chair for the Beach?

A canopy beach chair is the best way to enjoy the sand and surf. Keep your toes in the sand all while staying comfortable thanks to a built-in shade solution attached to your chair. While spending time with family by the water, you will love the simple convenience of having an elevated spot to sit and enjoy a good book or a snack in the sun.

Aside from the sun protection, a canopy chair for the beach is important for back support. While it may be fun to sit or take a nap on a beach towel, it may cause back pain for many people. It is also difficult for older individuals to sit on the ground and stand up without a sturdy chair. These canopy beach chair options also come in multiple sizes anywhere from kid size chairs to XL options for the big and tall.

Features and Benefits of a Canopy Beach Chair

  • Durable construction: These canopy beach chair options are built to last and stand up to the sand, surf, and salt. The aluminum or steel frames stave off rust and corrosion, which can be really important when using them near the beach. You can also rest assured the breathable stain and moisture resistant fabric will hold up season after season.
  • Portability: Nothing is worse than starting to sweat while simply carrying your items down to the beach! These canopy chair options are constructed with your convenience in mind. They are lightweight and simple to carry, fold, transport, and store.
  • Multiple styles: Mark your spot on the beach with a pop of color. These canopy beach chair models come in a variety of colors and even an American flag pattern to show off your patriotism!
  • Creature comforts: It is important to always have your favorite beverage by your side while spending time at the beach. Built-in cupholders and even slots for your cell phone will allow you to fully relax on your beach vacation.