Caring for Your Tarp Building in Winter

Having the perfect outdoor storage building is absolutely invaluable come winter time. Whether you’re storing your automobile or gardening tools and supplies, you can ensure your belongings stay safe even through the frigid temperatures. When it comes to a fabric structure, it’s important to make sure it is prepared for the possibility of snow or other winter weather. Here are some simple ways you can make sure your tarp building stays in great condition this season.

Inspect Your Tarp Building

Fabric buildings are such a cost-effective way to keep items safe from the elements. Whether you have a garage with a smaller footprint like the Garage-in-a-Box, or a larger option like the ShelterTech SP Series, you should be inspecting it regularly.

Each season, you should do a full inspection on your tarp building, and winter is no exception. Before the first snow comes in, you want to check for any tears or structural issues with your building. This way, you can proactively fix any issues before snow or other wintry weather comes to potentially make the issue worse.

It’s important to first make sure your structure is properly anchored. You can consult this guide to make sure you are using the proper ones for the ground material you built on. Also, make sure your cover fits tightly and securely. Why is this so important? It will make it less likely that your tarp building will tear.

While ShelterLogic’s buildings are built strong and made to last, years of rough weather could potentially cause a tear in a fabric building. If you notice a tear, it’s important to fix it immediately. Sometimes, some duct tape will fix a simple tear up to three inches long without a visible tape line. If you’ve had your structure for multiple years and you think it could benefit from a new cover, you can consider buying a replacement cover for your specific outdoor storage solution.


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Clean for Optimal Performance

Cleaning your building periodically will work wonders! Keeping the fabric free from debris will help elongate the life of your garage or shed. Always make sure to keep the roof clear. You also want to make sure to follow cleaning instructions for the fabric. You should only use mild soap and water. Any harsh cleaning products could compromise the fabric on your building. When you’re cleaning, make sure to use a broom or mop instead of hard-edged tools that could puncture the cover.

When it comes to snow removal, you should immediately remove the accumulated snow or ice from the roof carefully using a broom, mop, or soft-sided tool. Using a rake or shovel could damage the cover. When removing snow from your fabric building, it’s also important to:

  • Remove the snow alternating to each side of the shelter
  • Remove a 4 ft. section of snow from one side then from the other, continuing down the length of the building
  • Always remove from the outside of the structure

These proactive tips will help keep your tarp building safe through winter’s fury. By always inspecting your building and stopping trouble before it starts, you can rest assured your storage solution will be safe through the chilly temperatures this season. For more on how to maintain tarp buildings year-round, click here.

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