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    3 Tricks to Master End of Summer Cleaning

    end of summer cleaning

    The days of lounging poolside in your backyard are coming to a close. Temperatures are getting cooler and soon you’ll be trading in those outdoor barbecues for fall get-togethers by the bonfire. You know what that means: it’s time for end of summer cleaning. Here are some tips and tricks to transition from summer to fall and get you organized and ready for the cooler season. Say Goodbye to Summer Before making the perfect plan for fall storage, you have to pack away all the pool toys and gardening tools first. End of summer cleaning can get started on the wrong foot if you try to start fall organization before you’ve packed away last season’s items. Sheds are the perfect storage solution for all your…

    Should You Be Seasoning Firewood Now?

    Seasoning Firewood
    The summer season offers warm weather, outdoor fun, and plenty of backyard barbecues and chances to put your fire pit to use all season long. But what about your firewood supply for winter? You may not be thinking about preparing for the snowy season just yet, but fresh firewood should be taken care of sooner rather than later. Determine when you should be seasoning firewood in order to guarantee plenty of safe and efficient fires year-round. Why Do You Need to Season Firewood? Freshly cut or “green” firewood retains up to 45% or more of its moisture content. Too much moisture prevents firewood from burning properly, making it difficult to light, sustain, or effectively produce warmth. Further, burning wet firewood also increases smoke and creosote...

    5 Tips for Keeping Your Hearth Clean


    Why Do You Need a Clean Hearth? Few things are better than evenings spent around a toasty fireplace during the frigid winter months. But what happens when your hearth hasn’t had a good cleaning in a while? Sparking fire after fire without cleaning or maintaining your fireplace not only aesthetically affects your hearth, but can also be quite dangerous. Consistent use causes creosote buildup, putting your health and home at risk. This oily, black substance is an accumulation of smoke, wood, tar, and other particles that are highly combustible if not taken care of. Without properly removing creosote and other dangerous buildups from your fireplace, you increase the risk of home fires, skin damage, and more. (See more info on this recent blog post). Essentially,…

    Improve Your Firewood Storage: 4 Basics Tips on What You Need to Know

    firewood storage feature photo

    Winter wouldn’t be complete without a warm fire stirring in your fireplace, and logs neatly nestled beside it. But what does it take to get a good fire going and burning efficiently? Believe it or not, a great fire starts with effective and efficient firewood storage. The good news is that finding the right firewood storage that works for you isn’t too hard. Once you’ve mastered the steps, you’ll be onto producing burnable firewood in no time. Why Is It Important to Have Firewood Storage? Properly storing firewood will help you protect not only your firewood’s lifespan but your safety too. Freshly cut firewood can have up to 45% retained water and burning wet wood can cause creosote to build up in your chimney. This…