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    How to Assemble the Commander Series Storage Building

    Assembling The Commander Storage Building The Commander Storage Building by Arrow Storage Products is made from Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel, comes in sizes from 10 x 10 ft. to 10 x 30 ft. and can be expanded after 30ft by 5 ft increments by purchasing the Arrow Commander Series 5' Extension Kit. The Commander™ is a modular, multi-purpose storage building with tremendous storage space and huge door opening large enough to store a small car or boat, or to create an ideal workshop or small warehouse. Frame, wall and roof parts are made from hot-dipped, electro-galvanized steel, and all painted parts have a double baked-on enamel paint finish that will keep your building serviceable and attractive for years. Modular section design - easily add more...

    How to Assemble the Arrow Designer Storage Chest

    Arrow Designer Storage Chest Lifestyle & Assembly Style and strength are combined to keep belongings dry and secure while blending in beautifully with outdoor décor. The patent pending steel basket weave Designer™ Series Steel Storage Chest is the perfect storage space for deck/patio accessories, cushions, garden supplies, pool accessories, sports gear and much more. The look of a basket weave wicker box with with the strength of steel. Shop Deck Boxes

    How to Assemble the EZEE Shed from Arrow Storage Products

    Meet the EZEE Shed: The All-Galvanized Steel Shed that Builds in Half the Time! Featuring our revolutionary patented Snap-It™ Quick Assembly system for a stronger shed with faster assembly, the EZEE Shed's unique design cuts hardware down by 50% - and 50% fewer parts means faster assembly! The EZEE Shed's unique assembly system also reinforces the steel walls of the unit making for a stronger shed overall. The overlapping Snap-IT™ panels connect every 12" for a tougher building that is better at resisting dents and damage. A more attractive and modern take on outdoor storage units, the EZEE Shed features an updated color pallet that will serve as a compliment to your outdoor living space. The shed is also fully framed, so there are no...

    How to Assemble an AccelaFrame Canopy

    How To Assemble An AccelaFrame Canopy The Evolution of the Canopy – Why spend time on assembly when you can spend it enjoying your day? At ShelterLogic our goal was to cut down on the assembly time of our canopies. That’s why we’ve developed the AccelaFrame Canopy: a revolutionary canopy with faster and easier assembly. Check out our video to see just how easy it is to assemble an AccelaFrame Canopy. The AccelaFrame Canopy’s revolutionary design offers faster, easier assembly compared to other lines of canopies. As the only canopy engineered to save you time, the AccelaFrame Canopy features ShelterLogic’s quick assembly system. With less loose parts, the AccelaFrame Canopy comes partially pre-assembled, which cuts assembly and disassembly time down to approximately 15 minutes. The AccelaFrame Canopy doesn’t only…

    How to Assemble ShelterLogic® Alumi-Max Wall and Zipper Door Enclosures

    The Alumi-Max Wall and Zipper Door Enclosures Are a Great Add-On for Your Alumi-Max 10 X 10 Ft. To assist you in assembling your Alumi-Max wall and zipper door enclosures, we have filed a how-to video for the ShelterLogic Alumi-Max wall and zipper enclosures. At ShelterLogic, we try our best to assist our customers by decreasing the setup time for many of our products. To help with this endeavor, we’ve created a series of how-to instructional videos that will make setting up your ShelterLogic easy and more practical. In this video, we demonstrate how to assemble ShelterLogic’s Alumi-Max wall and zipper door enclosures, which you can find on our product page here. Our versatile and functional wall and zipper door enclosures can be a great addition…

    How-to Assemble a ShelterLogic® Alumi-Max 10ft. x 10ft. Pop-Up Canopy

    Alumi-Max 10ft. x 10ft. Pop-Up Canopy Assembly Video Need help with assembly? Check out our how-to assemble a ShelterLogic® Alumi-Max 10ft. by 10ft. Pop-Up Canopy video above. The Alumi-Max: more strength, less weight, faster set-up. If you are looking for a functional, practical and convenient canopy for trade shows, farmers markets, your outdoor patio, and much more then look no further than the Alumi-Max 10ft. x 10ft. pop-up canopy from ShelterLogic. The Alumi-Max is a sturdy and strong 10ft. x 10ft. pop-up canopy that is fire rated, water resistant and comes with a 1-year warranty. The unit includes temporary anchors and features wide-based feet to make anchoring easy. The Alumi-Max is a great pop-up canopy that travels easily, and it comes with a practical storage…

    How to Assemble a ShelterLogic® ClearView® RoundTop® Garage

    ClearView® RoundTop® Garage Distributed exclusively in Canada, the ShelterLogic® ClearView® RoundTop® Shelter features a translucent rip-stop 7.5 oz triple layer woven, polyethylene heat-sealed fabric cover. The cover includes clear windows for safety and visibility. 1-3/8″ (34mm) diameter steel frame with premium powder coat finish for rust- and corrosion-resistance. ShelterLock® 3X steel stabilizers provide up to 3 times more frame strength. Clear snow/ice from the roof of the shelter regularly with a soft-sided instrument; remove snow/ice from outside of the structure. Anchoring is the responsibility of the owner. Proper anchoring is critical to the overall safety and longevity of your ShelterLogic product. Video produced by Middlesex Community College Corporate Media Center in Middletown, CT.

    How-to Assemble a ShelterLogic Garage-in-a-Box RoundTop Garage

    Need help with assembly? Watch our how-to assemble a ShelterLogic Garage-in-a-Box RoundTop Garage If you’ve just purchased a Garage-in-a-Box Roundtop from ShelterLogic and need help with assembly, don’t fret – we’re here to help! As part of our how-to video series, we’ve shot a how-to assemble a ShelterLogic Garage-in-a-Box Roundtop Garage video. We hope that it will make assembly effortless, so you can save time and start using your ShelterLogic product today! If you’re still shopping around and looking for a functional, easy to assemble garage then our Garage-in-a-Box Roundtop may be exactly what you’re looking for. The Garage-In-A-Box Roundtop is one of ShelterLogic’s most popular garage units. With its strong 1-3/8in. high-grade steel frame and a powder-coat finish, the frame is durable and built to last,…

    How to Assemble a ShelterLogic® Shed-in-a-Box™ Peak Style Shed

    Shed-in-a-Box™ Storage Shed The ShelterLogic Shed-in-a-Box™ Storage Shed is designed for use in every season and can protect your equipment from sunlight, rain, tree sap and more. Features an all-steel frame bonded with premium powder-coat finish for rust- and corrosion-resistance. Patent pending ShelterLock stabilizers ensure rock solid stability. The triple-layer, rip stop polyethylene cover is heat-welded for a waterproof seal, and treated with anti-aging, anti-fungal agents. Ample space to store lumber, lawn equipment, ATV/PWC and more. Anchoring is the responsibility of the owner. Proper anchoring is critical to the overall safety and longevity of your ShelterLogic® product. Video produced by Middlesex Community College Corporate Media Center in Middletown, CT.

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