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    Small Shed Ideas to Maximize Compact Storage

    One of the most popular reasons people buy a shed is to organize and de-clutter their back yards. No one likes to see gardening equipment or other items piling up on the side of the house causing an eyesore. But when space is limited, sometimes even your small shed can become crowded and untidy if you don’t have a way to organize. Here are some easy small shed ideas to help you save space and enjoy your back yard! Choosing the Right Small Shed If you’re still looking for a stylish shed with a small footprint, The Designer Series is the perfect blend of style and function. This shed is great for small spaces, and even includes a built-in floor. This shed is durable, made…

    Safety Tips for Storing Chemicals

    steel storage shed, admiral steel shed, arrow shed

    It is common for many shed owners to keep pool cleaners, pesticides, or even fuel in an outdoor shed. It can be a convenient place to store some of these more harmful chemicals to keep them away from children and pets. But there are some safety tips you should think about when you’re storing chemicals in a shed. Storing Chemicals in a Shed First, let’s point out that storing chemicals in your shed shouldn’t be a long-term practice. It could cause deterioration and a shorter life for your shed. But if it’s something you are planning to do in the short term, there are safety measures to take to minimize the risk. First, experts recommend storing chemicals in a dry place out of the sun….

    How to Prevent Car Rust

    How to prevent rust, sheltertube, car storage, car garage

    If you’re trying to keep your car in perfect working condition, you probably make sure to get the oil changed regularly and rotate your tires. But often times, you may not think about how important it is to prevent rust. Not only is it unsightly, it can also badly damage your vehicle. Here are some tips and tricks to use to learn how to prevent car rust. What Exactly is Rust, Anyway? By definition, rust is a reddish or yellowish-brown flaky coating of iron oxide formed on iron or steel by oxidation. Rust occurs when iron reacts with oxygen and water. It’s something you certainly don’t want to see on the beautiful shiny paint job on your car. And it’s not only a cosmetic problem: left…

    Decorate Your Backyard with These Fall Landscaping Ideas

    gazebo, gazebos, fall landscaping

    When fall arrives and leaves are changing, it’s the perfect time to begin preparing your yard for winter. You can take stock of what thrived through the last season, while planning what’s next for your garden. Here are some fall landscaping ideas that will make your yard the envy of the whole neighborhood! Fresh Start for Fall When beginning the fall landscaping process, HouseLogic.com suggests to give your yard the proper chance to thrive with a quick clean up. That means removing weeds and dead plants, and giving your grass a nice cut. Tidy up your landscaping, and spread mulch around shrubs and trees. The mulch actually protects roots from frost, while giving your garden a face lift. After that, you can decide what to…

    10 Creative Shed Uses

    shed uses red barn shed

    You already know so many amazing ways you can utilize an outdoor storage shed. Keeping your car or truck inside to shield them from the elements, or tucking away garden tools are just a few common shed uses. But have you thought outside of the box when it comes to your storage shed? Here are 10 innovative and creative shed uses for when you’re ready to breathe new life into your storage solution! Shed Uses for Quiet Time Let’s face it. Sometimes, we can’t find that quiet space inside the house that we need. Whether you want to watch television without fighting anyone for the remote, or maybe you need that meditative space to work on a hobby, a ShelterTech shed can make it happen!…

    Motorcycle Sheds: Solutions for Storing Your Bike

    commander shed, arrow shed, motorcycle shed

    If you own a motorcycle, you know there’s nothing more exhilarating than hitting the open road on two wheels. You also know how important it is to maintain and clean your bike. Many owners invest in motorcycle sheds to keep bikes safe from rust and dirt. Deciding on which outdoor storage solution is right for you depends on your needs. Motorcycle Sheds and Workshops in One While investing in a compact shed for your bike can save money and space, it’s possible you might be looking for something more. Perhaps you want a larger space to work on your bike and even store your motorcycle gear. Meet your new best friend: The Commander. This storage option gives you a huge amount of space along with…

    Essentials for Fall DIY Backyard Projects

    VERSA SHED DIY Backyard Projects

    Fall is that perfect time of year where the temperature is so comfortable, everyone wants to be outside. It’s a great time to get to all those DIY backyard projects before the chilly weather starts to roll in. Before you get started on your to do list, here are some essential products you need to make your tasks that much easier. Organizing Ahead of Winter One of the most popular DIY backyard projects is organizing your storage solution ahead of winter. That means it’s time to stow away your lawn mower, maybe even your gardening tools before the snow and ice takes over. It may be the last few weeks you’re raking leaves and mowing the grass to make sure your lawn is perfectly manicured…

    Easy Storage: 5 Fast-Assembly Sheds

    easy storage

    If your belongings have started to pile up in the back yard, chances are you’ve already decided it’s time for a shed. You can store anything from garden tools to ATVs, while ensuring they are safe from the elements. But you may not have the time or money to build one from scratch, or spend days putting together a complicated building. Here are 5 easy storage solutions with lightning fast assembly. Bigger Isn’t Always Better You may think you need a larger shed to organize all your outdoor gear and odds and ends from the patio. But all you need to do is be smart about your compact storage option. Take stock of what you plan on keeping inside, and make a plan for your…

    Halloween Party Ideas and Accessories

    party tent halloween party ideas

    Looking to create the perfect Halloween party for kids and / or adults this year? If you’re a Halloween enthusiast, or a parent looking to create spooky fun for your youngsters, we have just what you need. Read on to learn how you can use ShelterLogic’s line of products to create the ultimate backyard Halloween bash. Haunting Halloween Party Ideas If you want to create a ghoulish atmosphere and the perfect haunted house, you may have thought about renting a party tent. But why rent when you can buy a tent for about the same cost as a rental? Plus, you can use this party tent for any occasion year-round like weddings or football watch parties. Our party tent features an enclosure kit which will really…

    Outdoor Storage Cleaning and Organization Tips

    storage cleaning lexington arrow shed

    Buying a steel shed for your property is a great way to keep the back yard looking tidy and beautiful no matter the season. But how you organize the interior of your shed is just as important as how you clean the outside of your storage solution. Here are some simple storage cleaning tips that will give you easy access to everything you need while extending the life of your shed. Organization is Everything Whether you’re storing gardening equipment in the summer, or stashing pool items over the winter, how you organize your outdoor storage solution can either make your life easier, or give you a headache. So how can you easily arrange everything while maximizing your space? Step 1: Come up with a plan. Take…

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