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    Choosing a Structure for Your Ultimate DIY Auto Repair Shop

    DIY Auto Repair Shop

    If you service or detail cars, whether as a fun pastime or as an extra source of income, you need a place to complete your projects without inclement weather or lack of space getting in your way. Instead of constantly swapping cars in your personal garage or working under the hot sun in your driveway, find out how to easily create your own DIY auto repair shop with ShelterLogic. Consider Structure Materials. First, choose the ideal structure for your DIY auto repair shop based on your budget, property capabilities, and commitment level. We recommend one of these two options: Fabric Garages Fabric garages are incredibly easy-to-utilize and low-maintenance structures.  Offering both short-term and long-term vehicle storage space, a fabric garage provides added space to work on…

    5 Summer Storage Solutions for All Your Seasonal Needs

    The summer season brings with it plenty of warmer weather – which means more outdoor tasks, activities, and events. And most outdoor activities require extra storage. Whether you want an easy way to keep blankets and pillows in close reach or you need to house large, bulky outdoor items you may need for the season. Where do you put it all for easy access while summer’s in full swing? This year, step up your summer storage with one of these helpful solutions to keep seasonal items always within reach. 1. Deck and Patio Storage. Throughout the summer, your deck and patio gets a lot of action. Pool supplies, furniture cushions, and more need to be kept close by so you’re prepared for all your upcoming…

    Father’s Day Gift Ideas Just in Time for Summer

    Father's Day

    How many times have you resorted to giving ties or cologne as a Father’s Day gift? This year, skip the typical last-minute gifts and get dad useful outdoor items just in time for summer. Help him organize his tools, protect his car, or enjoy shade next time he attends a sports game with a few products he’ll truly appreciate this season. Check out our Father’s Day Gift Guide to find the ultimate present for the man who does it all! Tool Sheds and Storage Solutions for Father’s Day Want to help dad stay organized? Choose from a wide of storage sheds and solutions to house all of your guy’s outdoor items. Check out a few options he’ll love this holiday. EZEE Shed 10 x 8…

    4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Backyard Storage Shed

    backyard storage shed
    Finding the right backyard storage shed for your home can be tough. With so many styles, sizes and options to choose from and with plenty of ways to utilize your structure, there’s a lot to evaluate before making a purchase. Consider these 4 factors to better determine the type of solution you need for an organized outdoor space. 1. What You Need to Store. Designer Series Metro 4 x 6 ft. Shed Shed-in-a-Box 6 x 6 x 6 ft. To start, what purpose will your backyard storage shed serve? Do you need space to store lawnmowers and large equipment? Or do you need a designated spot to keep gardening tools tidy and organized? Consider your shed’s purpose to determine which type of solution works best. For...

    Portable Building Kits: From Garages to Greenhouses and More

    portable building kits

    Looking for a low-maintenance, multi-purpose, and mobile backyard structure? Check out our selection of portable building kits for convenient and reliable storage, shelter, and more solutions to satisfy your needs. Why Choose a Portable Building? When searching for a shelter or storage structure, it’s important to consider a few factors to determine the best option for your needs – one of those factors being portability vs. permanence. Portable building kits provide a convenient and versatile space for a wide range of purposes. These structures typically consist of an easy-to-assemble frame with a fabric or tarp cover. Compared to permanent structures, portable solutions offer these benefits and more: Both short-term and long-term usage capabilities. Typically no building permits, added property taxes, or on-site renovations are required….

    Custom Storage and Shelter: 4 Solutions You Can Personalize

    Custom Storage
    The ideal backyard storage solution differs for everyone. Whether you need to store gardening tools, lawn essentials, or even vehicles, you'll want storage that meets your specific needs. ShelterLogic offers convenient, reliable, and customizable sheds, garages, and other outdoor structures for storage and shelter the way you want it. Check out these custom storage options for your ultimate backyard solution. 1. ShelterCoat Custom Sheds The ShelterCoat offers personalized storage for ATV’s, lawn and garden equipment, small tractors, patio furniture, bulk supplies, and more. But what makes ShelterCoat buildings unique? One of the stand-out features of the ShelterCoat is that you can choose size specifications based on your individual needs. With sizes up to 100 ft. long, and in some cases over 12 ft. wide, you...

    Maintenance Tips for Your Arrow Storage Solution

    Arrow Storage

    Arrow Storage Products offer a wide range of steel outdoor storage solutions to meet virtually any storage needs. From smaller garden sheds to large garages, these structures consist of high-quality steel built to last. Still, proper care and maintenance are highly recommended in order to maximize the use and quality of your Arrow storage building. Luckily, we’ve summed up a few helpful tips from our Arrow Sheds maintenance guide to help you keep your steel shed in top shape. Properly Prep and Assemble First. Arrow Storage Newburgh 8 x 6 ft.  As with any storage building, a long-lasting Arrow storage building first requires proper preparation and assembly. Erect your structure over flat, well-draining ground, ensuring sufficient space from other buildings and trees to simplify assembly…

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