Community and Environment

Community and EnvironmentCommunity and Environment

ShelterLogic Group:
Community and Environment Initiatives

ShelterLogic Group is dedicated to serving the community and exploring more environmentally conscious manufacturing processes.

At the center of what we do, is a commitment to bringing our customers exceptional products that make their lives easier, and are made ethically and responsibly. In addition to working to improve our manufacturing process and reduce our carbon footprint, we’re also working to give back to our local communities through philanthropic initiatives each year. Discover how we’re helping our local communities and reducing our environment impact.



Green Initiatives

At ShelterLogic Group, we do more than create great outdoor products for our customers: we’re keeping efficiency and a commitment to our environment at the heart of our manufacturing process. Over the years we’ve changed the way we make our products by reducing emissions in some of our factories, converting and reusing energy, and treating water so it can be recycled. Discover how we’re keeping the environment in mind as we manufacture products in the 21st century.

  • Clean Air Commitment Our New Jersey manufacturing facility uses an RTO Process – Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer – to clean air post treatment and painting. This intense air filtration process removes toxic VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) that are harmful to our atmosphere and runs this air through high temperatures. The result? 98.7% of all harmful VOC’s are eliminated as air leaves the RTO exhaust system. 98.7% of all harmful VOC’s are eliminated for air that’s cleaner – better for your health, and better for the environment. We Run On Recycled Energy Our New Jersey facility requires minimum natural gas to operate and uses high efficiency electrical motors to reduce electrical consumption. A portion of our manufacturing facility also runs on a steam to liquid heat exchange to operate. Before releasing exhaust into the atmosphere, our exhaust stack heat is converted to low-pressure steam that generates heat that is then used to operate equipment throughout the plant. Our New Jersey facility requires minimum natural gas to operate and uses high efficiency electrical motors to reduce electrical consumption. We Have Our Own On-Site Waste Water Treatment Plant We clean and reuse the water we use to manufacture our products. All water discharged to our local sewage authority has been thoroughly treated and neutralized to stay within the EPA and DEP’s strict parameters.
  • Our Recycling Programs When we can, ShelterLogic Group is committed to reusing, reducing and recycling. Our facilities have embraced recycling programs for metal, fabric, steel, cardboard, solvents and water in effort to reduce overall waste. Leveraging Solar Power and Reducing Energy Consumption As part of our renewable energy initiative, many ShelterLogic Group facilities embraced solar power and renewable energies to run parts of manufacturing and day to day operations. In addition, all facilities switched to LED in an effort to reduce energy consumption and eliminate the use of more traditional, higher polluting forms of energy. Beyond DEP and EPA Compliance ShelterLogic Group’s Arrow Storage Products division is proud to be the only steel shed manufacturer in the United States to go beyond DEP (Department of Environmental Protection) and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) compliance, voluntarily integrating extensive environmentally conscious practices into manufacturing each and every one of our products. Environmental Stewardship Award In 2011, we were awarded the Environment Stewardship Award by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection for our outstanding contribution to the local community, and our commitment to sustainability in our manufacturing process.

Social Responsibility

Each year, ShelterLogic Group takes part in programs and initiatives that support and assist our local communities. From donating to local shelters, to raising money for causes that matter to us. We know that when our communities thrive, so does our business.

Taking Action in Our Local Community

Over the years ShelterLogic Group brands and employees have led philanthropic initiatives that have left a positive impact on our local communities. Here is a list of local initiatives we have worked with and supported through the years.

  • American Cancer Society: Making Strides of Greater Waterbury
  • Waterbury Durham School Services: Stuff A Bus Relief for Puerto Rico
  • Safe Haven of Greater Waterbury Christmas Drive (Women’s Emergency Shelter)
  • United Way of Greater Waterbury: Stock the Pantry Food Drive
  • Watertown Area Association for Special Citizens
  • Watertown Food Drive in conjunction with the Girl Scouts of Watertown and Oakville
  • Sponsor of the Maryland Special Olympics Polar Bear Plunge.
  • Mexico Earthquake Relief
  • Envision STEM Program Curriculum for Naugatuck/Waterbury Schools
  • Epilepsy Foundation Connecticut: Strike Out Epilepsy Event, New Milford CT
  • HELPtouchHEAL 501(c) Non-profit Organization, Stratford CT
  • House of Heroes Connecticut Veteran Organization, Hamden CT
  • Trumbull Animal Group, Trumbull CT
  • Donated to the American Red Cross for Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief

A History of Creating American Manufacturing Jobs

ShelterLogic Group brands have a long history of American manufacturing, and we’re proud of products we’re making right here in the U.S.A.

Member of the Skin Care Foundation’s Corporate Counsel

ShelterLogic Group brands are dedicated to developing innovative and reliable products that effectively protect against harmful UV rays.

As a part of the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Corporate Counsel, ShelterLogic Group brands have continuously demonstrated a support for the education, prevention, early detection and prompt treatment of the world’s most common cancer.