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    Our Story

    For over 50 years, ShelterLogic, Corp. has delivered reliable, tough-made shade, shelter and storage solutions for customers and retail partners. Boasting four top name brands – ShelterLogic, ShelterTech, Arrow Storage Products, and now Quik Shade – ShelterLogic Corp.has grown into the world leader in reliable shade, shelter and storage solutions.

    ShelterLogic Corp. produces a diverse range of products: from the affordable retail items to commercial products available in custom sizes.

    Tested for strength and durability, and designed to meet the diverse shade, shelter and storage demands of our clients, ShelterLogic Corp. products are manufactured using only the very best materials. With over 15,000 innovative products, ShelterLogic Corp. leads in manufacturing both steel and fabric shelters, offering a range of versatile shade and shelter solutions. Our mission is to deliver high quality buildings and solutions at competitive prices to both commercial and everyday customers.

    With products distributed in 33 countries worldwide, across 4 continents and with over 21 million shelters sold, ShelterLogic Corp. is the global leader in shade, shelter and storage.

    A Timeline of Accomplishments
    • In 2015, ShelterLogic Acquired metal shed manufacturer Arrow Sheds. Today, ShelterLogic Corp.’s global brands include ShelterLogic, Arrow Sheds Products and ShelterTech: making it the largest volume shelter manufacturer in the world
    • A global company, ShelterLogic, Corp. owns 5 manufacturing facilities located in Connecticut, New Jersey, Illinois and China and have produced over 21,000,000 units since their inception
    • Proud to partner with consumer direct partners, retail partners and dealers across 4 global continents and over 33 countries
    • Manufacturer of some of the world’s most popular and recognizable shade and shelter brands
    • Defined and introduced sheltering as a category and pioneered the “In-A-Box,” retail consumer friendly concept.
    • Our global manufacturing and worldwide distribution allow for built-to order, private branding and to effectively meet consumer demand

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    Product Innovations

    Detail close-up of AccelaFrame™ Quick System

    AccelaFrame System

    The revolutionary design of the AccelaFrame System allows quicker assembly and disassembly while retaining an overall stronger building. The pre-assembled ribs simply unfold and lock with an easy press of a lever.

    Detail close-up of ShelterLock Stabilizer

    ShelterLock Steel Stabilizers

    Patented ShelterLock Steel Stabilizers add 3X the frame strength and stability as the original.

    Detail close-up of Ratchet-Tite tensioning system

    Ratchet-Tite Tensioning System

    For ease of installation – unique Ratchet-Tite at every corner leg ensures a drum tight cover and door panel attachment to shelter frame. Quality ratchet and web strap components make it easy to keep your cover tight and neat looking.

    Detail close-up of Easy-Slide Cross Rail

    Easy Slide Cross Rail System

    Best-in-class feature makes initial and continual cover tightening a reality. Bolt together brackets allow easy access to pressure points and deliver optimal shelter performance.

    Detail close-up of Advanced Engineered Fabric

    Advanced Engineered Fabric

    It’s not a Tarp. It’s Advanced Engineered Fabric. Our shelter covers are triple-layer woven polyethylene that are tear-resistant. UV treated inside and out with added fade blockers, anti-aging, anti-fungal and anti-yellowing agents.

    Detail close-up of Snap-IT Assembly

    Snap-IT Technology

    Patented Snap-It™ Assembly Technology improves assembly of your Arrow Storage Shed. Pieces snap and lock into place for easier assembly and a stronger connection. Fewer fasteners, faster assembly, and improved overall customer satisfaction.

    Worldwide Manufacturing & Distribution