Creative Garden Ideas for Spring

Garden Ideas

The spring season almost always inspires a fresh start. Whether you plan to clean out the attic or get your front lawn healthy again after a long winter, everyone feels motivated to revitalize their space this time of year. This spring, rejuvenate your garden for space you’ll never want to escape. Find out how to include some eye-catching new plants, incorporate attractive outdoor décor, and utilize useful tools with these creative garden ideas.

Protect plants from too much heat with an attractive canopy.

garden ideas

Plants can’t grow without sufficient sunlight, but what about when the summer sun gets to be too much? While many plants can never get too much light, it’s possible that plants can get too much of the heat energy associated with sunlight. To ensure your plants won’t suffer damage from the heat, get them a shade canopy. The ShelterLogic Shade Canopy offers 50% shade with plenty of airflow – perfect for sufficiently keeping plants cool and healthy!  Place in your garden for worry-free shade in an easy-to-assemble and durable canopy solution.

And, if you’re worried certain plants won’t grow under diffused light, simply adjust your seed list! Here’s a list of plants made for shade so your garden blooms regardless of where you use your canopy.

Try New Seedlings in the Greenhouse

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With a backyard greenhouse, you greatly expand your options for what to grow regardless of your planting zone (in many cases). Get creative with your planting efforts by trying out some new seedlings for the season!

Utilize a GrowIT Backyard Greenhouse for efficient backyard gardening that helps extend the season and better accommodate unique plants. Featuring 4 ft. shelving, screen vents for ventilation, and our unique Illuminate fabric that improves plant growth by evenly diffusing the light, and protects against fungus and insects. Grow better, stronger plants – faster. See more greenhouse options here.

Place your garden shed in the action.

Garden Ideas

Typically gardening supplies get tossed in a dusty shed in the corner of your yard, putting a damper on the aesthetics of your outdoor space. Instead, why not incorporate attractive storage right where you need it?

Steel sheds make perfect gardening sheds, featuring durable and water-resistant materials and modern styles that easily complement your outdoor space. Place it anywhere in your garden and surround with greenery for an effortlessly cohesive gardening space. Include shelves and tool hanging racks to efficiently stash tools within reach. Check out more gardening shed ideas for better storage all planting season. Find more steel sheds in multiple sizes, colors, and styles for convenient, attractive, and reliable garden storage.

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Include stunning shade.

Garden ideas

We’ve mentioned legged canopies that provide quality shade and coverage over your garden. However, if you’re looking to really enhance the aesthetics in your garden, include a gorgeous patio shade or shade sail. Shade sails look stylish and unique in any outdoor space and offer just enough shade to comfortably relax in. Just make sure there are available anchoring points for installation and enjoy stunning shade in various colors and sizes!

Utilize a container garden for greenery everywhere.

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Don’t limit plants and flowers to just inside you gardening space. Add color and greenery everywhere in your outdoor space by utilizing a raised bed garden. Grow healthy plants, produce, and flowers more efficiently within these convenient units that can be placed virtually anywhere – even on small decks or patios! Check out the 4 x 4 ft. SpaceMaker Raised Bed Garden for durable and compact container gardening wherever you desire.

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Looking for more garden ideas, tips, tools, and more? Check out our blog and see our entire selection of items for your greenhouse and garden for successful planting all season long! Feel free to contact us for more information.

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