A Well-Built Portable Garage for Your Storage Needs

Need a rugged, compact storage solution for cars, trucks, and more? Shop Shelterlogic for a well-built, portable AutoShelter garage.

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The Well-Built, Portable AutoShelter Garage

Are you looking for a portable garage that’s easy to assemble, well-built, and won’t break the bank? Then look no further: you’ll get more bang for the buck with a ShelterLogic AutoShelter garage! Functional and affordable, these fabric storage solutions are made with some of the strongest materials and are built to last!

Why You Should Choose a ShelterLogic AutoShelter

The ShelterLogic AutoShelter is an excellent, rugged solution for your compact storage needs. This outdoor storage building has an all-steel frame, a ripstop tough waterproof and fade proof cover, and is engineered to use all year round. You can place it at the end of a driveway, on a patio, or on the lawn. The AutoShelter does not need to sit on a foundation, so it can be used anywhere and moved anyplace you need accessible storage!

The AutoShelter will protect your car, SUV, or pick-up truck from the rain, snow, tree sap, branches, and anything else that may fall from the sky. Bring on the tough weather: The AutoShelter will keep your vehicle clean and dry! With a tough fabric rear panel and a double zippered door panel, your AutoShelter will also keep your vehicle safe from theft or vandalism! The portable garage also comes with an anchor kit to keep it in secured to the ground.

The AutoShelter comes with clearly labeled parts and hardware and simple to follow instructions. It is designed for 2 people to easily assemble in about 6 hours.

ShelterLogic AutoShelter Features

Whether you choose a portable garage with a peak roof or a round roof, your unit will include these quality, valuable features:

  • Durable All-Steel Frame: The AutoShelter frame has a powder coated finish to prevent chipping, peeling, rust, and corrosion. It includes patented ShelterLock stabilizers to deliver a rock solid, more durable shelter.
  • Advanced Engineered Ripstop Cover: The triple-layer waterproof polyethylene cover is UV-treated inside and out to prevent fading, aging, and fungus. It is made to stand up to the elements!
  • Easy Slide Cross Rail System: Designed to lock down and square up the frame for initial and continual frame to cover fit.
  • Ratchet Tite Cover Tensioning Systems: The tensioning system ensures a drum tite cover that keeps your cover fitting tight and looking neat.

Get an AutoShelter Garage for Your Outdoor Storage Needs

The AutoShelter Garage is a great, inexpensive solution for keeping your car, SUV, or pick-up truck safe, and it also can be used for additional storage needs. The AutoShelter is great for storing motorcycles, ATVs, bicycles, lawnmowers, trailers, recreational vehicles, and anything else on wheels. You can also use it to store wood, hay, patio furniture, tools, a boat, or anything else you can’t fit inside your home. Whatever you need to store will stay safe from the elements inside your ShelterLogic AutoShelter!