About Us

ShelterLogic has a unique history of strategically partnering with customers to meet and exceed their unique outdoor product requirements. Driving innovation since 1991, ShelterLogic is evolving into a leader in design, manufacturing, and distribution of high quality outdoor products. Headquartered in Watertown, Connecticut, ShelterLogic owns and operates manufacturing in the United States and China.

  • ShelterLogic successfully pioneered the Instant Garage/Instant Canopy product segment for retail
  • Currently North America’s largest volume shelter manufacturer
  • Largest purchaser of polyethylene fabric
  • Most diverse global shelter product offering with more than 2 million shelters in operation worldwide.
  • Markets served by ShelterLogic include retail, consumer direct and dealer channels.


We purchased two 10×20 greenhouses and bolted them together to make a 10×40 greenhouse, where we have a hydroponic setup for lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, etc. Very pleased with the structures.

Steven N.
Florida, USA

We live in western Washington, where it rains quite frequently. The day we were shearing our herd of 23 alpacas, the usual forecast was rain. Wet alpacas cannot be shorn. So ShelterLogic to the rescue! We got up and opened a new 10 x 20 Canopy and set it up in 40 minutes and were able to keep the alpacas dry and ready for a successful day of shearing.

Suzanne T.
Washington, USA

We bought two double garages to gain more snow load quality. ShelterLogic garages are very strong and the vented roll-up door is excellent.

Ric B.
Ontario, Canada

We have been using a 10 x 20 canopy and enclosure kit for the past few years at fairs and events to provide a quiet space for moms and babies to feed and change diapers. We have been pretty pleased with our canopy.

Rhonda Y.
Florida, USA

In the middle of Detroit, I have set up a urban farming experiment using my new ShelterLogic Grow It Greenhouse. It’s working magically! Even in the middle of the urban jungle, this greenhouse is producing farm grade results.

Matthew L.
Michigan, USA

I have a ShelterLogic 10 x 20 canopy for outdoor fun in the summer. It provided excellent shelter from the sun, rain and other weather elements and was easy to set-up and take down.

Donna P.
Connecticut, USA

We love our 10 x 20 ShelterLogic pop up canopy. We use it every time we go to the races for shade and shelter. It has also been used for several parties and picnics.

Kym C.
New Jersey, USA

I have a licensed daycare and had to cut down a tree that shaded our playground. Our new ShelterLogic pop-up canopy works perfect to keep our children shaded.

Lynette C.
Wisconsin, USA

After landscaping my patio, my ShelterLogic Sun Shade Sail offered the perfect amount of shade and is a wonderful accent to my backyard.

Brian M.
Colorado, USA

I purchased a ShelterLogic Greenhouse which I have been able to store lawn equipment, garden plant starters and it’s also a great place to let tomatoes ripen.

Dennis R.
Pennsylvania, USA

Just installed this firewood rack at my campground. Since then, 3 of my neighbors at the campground have purchased one!

Tony B.
Wisconsin, USA