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Grow Strong Plants Efficiently with Greenhouses

Whether you're a beginner grower or seasoned gardener, we have a greenhouse to fit your needs and help you grow strong plants more efficiently.

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What is a Greenhouse?

A greenhouse is a structure with walls that are manufactured with transparent material. At ShelterLogic Group, greenhouses are built with ultra sturdy translucent ripstop cover that is UV treated inside and out. Greenhouses are a good option to extend your growing season by ultimately controlling the environment where your crops grow.

Whether the heat of the summer or a frigid winter, plants can fall prey to wicked weather. A greenhouse can help to protect crops from Mother Nature’s Fury. The luminate covers help to diffuse UV rays, giving your plants enough light without overheating. There are an array of shapes and sizes to fit any budget, whether for a large-scale farm or a novice backyard grower.

What are the Benefits of a Greenhouse?

When it comes to growing stronger plants faster, a greenhouse from ShelterLogic is an ideal tool. Here are some other benefits to purchasing a greenhouse:

  • Climate control: Creating an ideal climate for your crops will pay back in dividends. This can allow you to extend your growing season or merely protect crops from unexpected weather scenarios.
  • Pest control: Growers know how pests can ruin plants. A greenhouse can help to keep pests at bay because your crops will not be as susceptible due to the fabric walls of the greenhouse.
  • Quick assembly: Depending on the size of the greenhouse you choose, assembly can happen in minutes or hours instead of days. This will help you get growing faster and even save money without needing professional assembly.

Where do you Put a Greenhouse?

You will want to place your greenhouse in an east-west direction. This placement allows for plenty of natural light for your crops because the sun will run the length of your structure from east to west.

Also make sure to choose an area that is not susceptible to flooding. If placing your greenhouse in a low-lying area, if your area receives heavy rain, your crops could be in danger. If placing a smaller greenhouse in your backyard, you may want to erect it as close as possible to your gardening shed for convenience.