Patio Greenhouses

What is a Patio Greenhouse?

A patio greenhouse is a small growing solution that is ideal when space is at a premium. Whether you are in an urban area and the only spot you have is your back porch, or you simply want to start small, patio greenhouses are a great investment.

Patio greenhouses can provide optimal growing conditions for many types of plants. You can start plants off in a patio greenhouse and move them to your garden when ready, or you can grow them completely in the patio greenhouse depending upon your needs.

How Do I Use a Patio Greenhouse?

A patio greenhouse is used primarily for extending your growing season or starting off plants that will eventually be grown outside the greenhouse. Depending on your location and what season you are choosing to plant, the weather outside can either be too hot or too cold for your seedlings. The patio greenhouse offers a steady climate for many different types of plants giving you a better chance to grow healthy plants no matter the season.

The patio greenhouses provide enough light to help grow the plants without the risk of an early frost taking out your crop. Patio greenhouse options from ShelterLogic have zipper doors that allow for easy access and better temperature control to allow for optimal airflow. You can even move around shelves to accommodate for taller plants to virtually grow whatever you want.

What are the Benefits of a Patio Greenhouse?

One of the huge benefits of a patio greenhouse is convenience. While it is always important to grow the proper plants based on the season, your patio greenhouse can create the best atmosphere possible for growing strong plants. The patio greenhouses can be assembled in just 15 minutes and fit in smaller spaces making it a simple way to grow your own food.

Patio greenhouses can also save you money. When you reduce the chance for inclement weather ruining your plants, it means you won’t have to purchase more seedlings to replant. These greenhouses can also last season after season making them a great investment. Made with high-quality PVC covers with ultra durable metal frames, you can rest assured your plants are in good hands with patio greenhouses.