Grower’s Guide: Greenhouse Cleaning Tips

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If you’re gearing up for a new season of crops in your greenhouse, chances are your structure could use a good cleaning. Now is the perfect time because you have the option to remove all the plants and crops so you can properly wash the area. The goal is to keep diseases from spreading while staving off harmful pests. Here are some greenhouse cleaning tips that will give your plants a great environment to grow this season.

Start with a Clean Slate

  • Protect your plants: The first thing you should do when beginning greenhouse cleaning is remove your plants. You don’t want any to be damaged in the disinfecting process later. This will also allow you a chance to remove weeds, debris, and any grime that might be hiding around those crops.
  • Wipe it down: Next, you want to pay attention to your greenhouse from top to bottom. Sweep down the walls of your greenhouse, and get rid of any cobwebs, bugs, weeds, or anything else you see. Take special care to look in between any folds in your plastic, as well as any piping. Start with the roof, and work your way down.

Pro Tip: If you had any diseased plants in the prior growing season, remove those potting areas altogether and start fresh.

How To Disinfect Your Greenhouse

You might think a quick sweep down will suffice. But an important greenhouse cleaning tip is to disinfect the area to give your plants a truly clean environment to grow. According to the University of Massachusetts, this process can manage algae and stave off bacteria or fungi.

  • Use a gentle soap mixed with warm water as your cleaning solution.
  • When cleaning your greenhouse, use a non-abrasive brush.
  • Gently clean the greenhouse cover, from the roof to the walls.
  • Don’t forget to wash benches, pots, and potting tables.
  • Finally, give the area a good rinse.

Pro tip: Cleanipedia recommends choosing a warm or windy day to clean. This will allow the inside of your greenhouse to dry quicker, and your cleaning time to be cut down!

Greenhouse Cleaning Tips

For options like GrowIt Greenhouse In-A-Box, it’s important to clean the cover just like you would any other fabric shelter. Avoiding harsh detergents will help stretch the life of your greenhouse. And because this greenhouse also has a steel frame, it’s important to maintain that as well. This includes using a soft-bristled broom when you clear leaves and debris.

The same care goes for ShelterTech’s High Tunnel Greenhouse. In order to ensure you are giving your plants the best environment possible, it’s important to not only care for your cover, but the steel frame as well. Make sure to use a soft brush when cleaning. You can use a hose or a pressure washer to clean the roof if it’s hard to reach, and remove any leaves, cobwebs, or other debris.


Greenhouse Cleaning Benefits

Taking time to give your greenhouse a fresh start will give you so many benefits, including:

  • Manage algae and pathogens that can be harmful to plants
  • Prevents harmful pests from invading plants
  • Optimal upkeep extends life of greenhouse

A simple greenhouse cleaning between crops can also potentially save you cash. When you lose plants to disease, that’s costing you money. Just a few hours of cleaning not only gives your plants an ideal environment, it can also save you lots of headaches throughout the growing season.

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