Entertain Customers in Style with Gazebos and Solariums

Entertain Customers in Style with Gazebos and Solariums

Need a stylish cover for your restaurant patio? Shop metal gazebos and metal solariums.

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A simple way to add character, style, and shade to your restaurant is by adding gazebos and solariums to your patio. These attractive structures are great for sheltering patrons from inclement weather, the sun, and more. Mosquito netting can be added to keep your diners free from pesky bugs. These versatile buildings add functionality and value to your restaurant’s patio space. ShelterLogic Group has multiple styles to choose from that will fit any restaurant décor perfectly.

Versatile and Attractive Soft Top Gazebos

When value and versatility are at the top of your list, soft top gazebos are a solid choice to add to any patio. These stunning structures give your patrons superior shade at an affordable price. These are a great alternative to traditional wood gazebos that still give you protection from harmful UV rays and shelter from the elements. They are manufactured with ultra-strong ripstop fabric featuring retractable options for even more shade. If you're looking for a strong patio gazebo without breaking the bank, these gorgeous options are for you.

Practical and Durable Hard Top Gazebos

For an ultra-strong and modern structure to protect you and your customers from the blazing sun, a hardtop gazebo is a fabulous option. These durable gazebos will raise the bar with relaxation by providing you with plenty of shade and style. The sturdy roofs are made from powder coated galvanized steel, ensuring protection from the elements and resistance to rust and corrosion. You can even choose from different colors that will blend perfectly with your restaurant décor.