4 Quick Ways to Increase Curb Appeal

4 Quick Ways to Increase Curb Appeal
July 25, 2018

Whether you're looking to sell your home or just want to freshen your home's exterior, increasing your curb appeal offers homeowners many benefits. What types of products do you need to make your house look presentable and organized? What can you do to make your home look the best so that you can maintain its value and be more marketable?

With some easy spruce-up tips and elegant products, you can make any property look better. Here are four quick ways to boost your home's curb appeal.

Curb Appeal: Why It Matters

How your house looks plays a large role in its function and value. If you have an HOA to keep up with, maintaining excellent curb appeal is especially important. Letting your home’s appearance slide can result in fines and nuisance notices. When it comes to personal enjoyment of your home, having an attractive exterior with a neat yard reduces stress and makes you more proud of your home. On top of this, a home with good curb appeal is more valuable in the real estate market.

In any neighborhood, the house with landscaping, organized sheds, and power-washed exterior looks far better than the one with overgrown weeds and junk around the yard. Thankfully, it doesn’t take a lot of time or cost thousands of dollars to fix these minor problems. By maintaining its curb appeal, you can save your home's reputation and keep its value as high as possible.

Curb Appeal for Selling and Renting

When you need to list your home for sale or as a rental property, presenting it in the best light is important in its marketing. Many people start their home search online, so how your property looks in photos is extremely important. A good-looking home simply looks better in photos and gets more interest. Also, since home prices and rent are at a premium, people are going to be choosy. A home with high curb appeal is worth the cost, and people will be willing to pay extra over a less desirable property.

Staging the exterior and interior of your home will allow people to see your property in its best light and highest potential. There will be far more interest in your property and a higher offering price when people acknowledge that your home is valuable. On the other hand, homes that do not have good curb appeal naturally get less attention and lower offers.

Curb Appeal Garbage Can ShedCurb Appeal Garbage Can Shed

4 Curb Appeal Ideas for Your Home

So what do you need to make sure that your home has the best curb appeal? These four tips will point you in the right direction to create a beautiful property that attracts attention.

1. Get a Shed for Garbage Cans

Garbage cans can be an eyesore, especially when they’re prone to falling over or being opened due to wild animal “break-ins.” Instead of getting an item like a bear cage or rolling your cans far distances for safekeeping, discreetly hide your trash cans in an outdoor shed. This will keep animals away and prevent the wind from knocking them over during storms.

Regarding curb appeal, sheds conceal unsightly trash cans from the public view and prevent their smells from wafting around your street. If you’ve ever dealt with powerful trash aromas in the summer, you know that a shed can be a great help keeping things contained. This small and simple step also makes trash day far more convenient since you can access your garbage cans from their shelter instead of keeping them near your house.

2. Add a Shade Structure

Adding a shade structure like a gazebo or pergola can create more definition in a yard. By defining their layout, these structures achieve better function and aesthetics. Use either of these as a morning yoga spot, a place to enjoy coffee in the morning, or a spot for mealtimes. Which shade structure can be useful in your backyard?

Curb Appeal GazeboCurb Appeal Gazebo


Backyard gazebos are highly versatile shade structures that can provide many hours of enjoyment in your yard. They also look aesthetically pleasing. Potential homeowners and renters also appreciate the idea of having an alternative place to enjoy the outdoors that's out of direct exposure to the sun.

Gazebos can be open-air structures or come with screens to keep the bugs away, which is useful for meals and long outdoor get-togethers. Whether you want to put up a temporary structure or a permanent gazebo, the functional benefits of this shelter cannot be denied. Here are some more unique backyard gazebo ideas that will make your property more attractive.


Pergolas are customizable shade structures that come in a variety of forms. Traditional pergolas have four posts and a row of beams on top that provide partial shade. Other types of pergolas allow the beams to rotate and fill any gaps to create a full-coverage shelter.

You can also give traditional pergolas more coverage by weaving fabric between the roof slats or allowing vines to grow between them like a trellis. Either method creates natural and affordable shade. Whether you decide to go modern with optional closing slats or install a traditional pergola, each variation is beautiful in its own way.

3. Use Landscaping & Gardening

If your yard is currently unkempt, then this tip is certain to give you dramatic results. Hiring a professional to trim trees, mow the lawn, discard fallen leaves, and plant attractive plants can transform your yard. Growing flowers can also add color and order to this outdoor space and draw the eye to focus on the total beauty of your home.

By implementing a solid landscaping plan, you create order and structure to a once unruly yard. Use details like rocks and mulch to make some breaks between greenery, flowers, and shrubs for a greater impact. This also defines the space around your home and elevates its overall appearance. To keep your gardening upkeep clutter-free, use a small outdoor shed or greenhouse to make the most of your storage potential.

4. Add Attractive Deck and Shed Storage

To achieve a dramatic home backyard makeover, get rid of all the loose items in your yard. For example, gardeners should not leave tools and lawn equipment around the yard. Not only does this look untidy, but it will cause your gear to wear down more quickly. You can also use storage sheds next to decks to keep outdoor furniture cushions and grilling gear safe.

Choosing versatile storage solutions makes it easy to conceal eyesores like kids’ toys, bikes, sporting equipment, shovels, loose gardening pottery, and more. By keeping these valuable items out of the rain and away from pests, they will stay functional for future seasons.

Compact Storage Sheds: for limited space

Even if you have a small yard, there is a storage solution for you. Compact storage solutions help you stay organized when you don’t need a large shed for many items. They also fit discreetly on a deck or patio without taking up too much space.

Not only are they stylish and come in a variety of custom looks, but small sheds are easy to set up and cost less than large storage sheds. They can be built in less than a day with help and provide reliable cover for your belongings for many years.

Are You On A Budget? Use These Quick Tips

If you don’t have time to build a shed, then these five easy tricks add curb appeal while not requiring a lot of time or money.

  1. Add solar garden lights: These set and forget lights can be found at affordable prices at many stores. You can even find solar ground lights at the dollar store! These units absorb power during the day and then illuminate your home at night. For the best results, use them to accentuate a landscaping border or light a dark path.
  2. Display accessories: Never underestimate the power of a simple “welcome” sign or accent table. These simple touches add character and charm to your property, filling the place with your personality.
  3. Apply fresh paint: When your deck or porch looks “tired,” a fresh coat of paint or staining can revive these spaces. Though it can take some time, these tasks don’t cost a lot of money but can have dramatic results.
  4. Get new outdoor furniture cushions: While outdoor furniture sets can come at a premium, it doesn’t cost as much to get a new set of furniture cushions. To refresh your outdoor furniture set, donate your old cushions, spray down your furniture, and then place new upholstery on top for an updated look.
  5. Add functional fun: Sometimes, you just need more ways to use your outdoor space. An affordable addition like a $100 fire pit can expand your entertainment options for very little investment.

Add Some More Curb Appeal Today

By clearing out clutter and creating order to your property, you can make your home look better all-around. These tips and ideas will help you quickly improve the curb appeal of your home to make it more appealing and marketable.

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