4 Types of Car Shelters for Summer Vehicle Protection

4 Types of Car Shelters for Summer Vehicle Protection
June 17, 2021

Many people believe that winter is the most dangerous season for their vehicles, and it is during this period that they ensure they stay under the protection of a car tarp tent or another shelter. As the weather begins to warm, we bring our vehicles out and are less determined to keep them under shelter. However, this is a dangerous belief since summer weather and conditions can also compromise your vehicle's exterior and interior.

Throughout this article, we touch on why summer can be a damaging season for your vehicle and the different types of car shelters to protect them during the summer.

The Importance of a Car Shelter for the Summer

While there isn't ice, freezing weather, and salted roads during the summer, there are still damaging weather conditions. Overexposure to sunlight steadily causes the color inside and outside of your car to fade. Rain and hail cause rust and dents over the exterior of the car. If you live in a wet and humid area, these will set in on the car even faster.

A car shelter is an essential addition to your summer protection to maintain the value of your vehicles. They can easily protect your car from rain, help create a balanced environment on the interior, and stop your car from getting dented during hail storms. Whether you decide to get one with or without walls is up to you and the amount of work you want to put in to maintain your car. For example, a car shelter without walls might still require you to dry the exterior of your car after a rainstorm if the rain slanted to come under the shelter.

When you consider the car shelters below, think about the weather patterns you experience in your region, the space that you have, the aesthetic you would like to maintain. Also, think about the other uses a car shelter could have for you to maximize the investment.

The 4 Types of Car Shelters for Summer Vehicle Protection

There are 4 types of car shelters that work well for summer vehicle protection. You can also transition some of them to offer winter protection. The choice between them often comes down to the weather you experience throughout the entire year. Since a shelter should protect a car in winter and summer weather, you should use a car shelter that will be reliable throughout the entire year. 

1. Steel Carports

Car shelters Arrow CarportCar shelters Arrow Carport

Steel carports are one of the sturdier options without taking up too much visual space. A carport doesn't have walls, but they do offer car shade. Their strong steel roof also gives your vehicle protection from other elements than just the sun. Any rain that comes straight down won't get to your car, and hail will bounce off before hitting your vehicle. It does all of this without blocking views or taking up too much space. Without walls, a steel carport doesn't seem as intrusive as other options can.

The downside is that since they don't have walls, they don't offer quite as much protection for your car as a garage. Rain and windy weather don't combine well when you don't have sidewalls to protect your vehicle. You will also need to position it so that the sun won't reach it from any position during the day, or it isn't as effective. There quite a few options when it comes to steel carports and their design and aesthetic. You can opt for a stylish look or a basic steel carport to keep your vehicles safe.

2. Fabric Canopies

Car shelters ShelterLogic Monarc CanopyCar shelters ShelterLogic Monarc Canopy

Fabric canopies are a more affordable, short-term option that functions quite similarly to the steel canopy. These fabric canopies offer your car shade, protect your car from rain and hail, and are easy to put up and remove.

A fabric canopy won't be capable of protecting the car if something falls on top of the canopy during a wind storm. If they aren't tamped down well enough, the wind can easily get under the canopy and pick it up. They might also not withstand a particularly harsh hail storm. However, if you need an affordable option or just want to test out having a summer car shelter, using something like a car tarp tent or a canopy can be extremely useful before investing in something more permanent.

You can also use a fabric canopy for other purposes. If you have a backyard celebration or are hosting a picnic, you might need to offer people outdoor shade. Unlike something as heavy as a steel carport, a fabric canopy can easily be disassembled and moved around for an afternoon. That also maximizes its usability.

3. Fabric Garages

Car shelters ShelterLogic Garage-in-a-BoxCar shelters ShelterLogic Garage-in-a-Box

Fabric garages are the next step up from fabric canopies. Instead of only offering overhead protection, these car shelters have walls for full coverage. The quality and build of a fabric garage vary greatly. You can find them for as cheap as $350 to as expensive as several grand. The quality of the make and the permanence of these options often increases with the price.

Fabric garages often have a typical A-frame roof shape with walls that extend down to the ground. Some options are open in the front, and others have closing or roll-down fabric walls. Which option you choose should be based on the amount of protection you need and which way the garage faces. You will also have more control over the temperature and condition inside the fabric garage if all four walls can close.

A fabric garage that is built well offers ample protection in both the summer and the winter. During the summer, the fabric on the roof and walls of the shelter reflect light and heat away from the garage. Your car won't overheat, nor will the colors fade from the intensive UV light. The snow won't pile around your car, and salt from the roads won't reach inside the garage during the winter. Using a car tarp tent, you can protect your car all year round. 

Be aware that fabric garages that aren't well-built might not handle large amounts of snow on their roofs well. Many of the high-quality options will have fabric technology and a design that helps the snow slip off the top before it can become too heavy. There are also options for a quick install fabric garage to make it easy to move around and use for more than one purpose or in more than one place.

4. Steel Garages

Car shelters SOJAG Everest GarageCar shelters SOJAG Everest Garage

Steel garages are the fourth and final option when you want to protect your cars during the summer. Much like the relationship between the fabric canopy and the fabric garage, a steel garage is the more protective version of the steel garages. These steel garages are the most expensive option and will also present the most permanent placement. Once they are in place, they are much more difficult to disassemble. 

There are plenty of sizes you can choose from to suit the amount of space you have and how many things you want to fit into the steel garage. If you have the space on your property, you can easily use the garage to protect more than just your car. If you have other kinds of machinery or tools, find the carport big enough to fit your vehicle and the other materials. 

Their plus sides include being strong enough to protect your car from almost any weather. No matter the wind storm that blows through, the hail, or the sun that shines, your car stays protected underneath. Snow and ice during the winter are not problems for these garages either. If you live in an area that gets extreme weather patterns throughout the year, a steel garage will ease your worries and help you maintain the value of your car year after year.

The downside of them is that metal such as steel attracts the sun and the heat. If you want it to stay cool underneath so that your car doesn't overheat, you will want to look for a steel garage with a roof painted to reflect sunlight instead of absorbing it.

Car Tarp Tents and Other Shelters

These four types of car shelters can help you maintain the value of your car for much longer than those left out to the elements. Even covering up a car with a reflective fabric sheet helps to do the job. Imagine how much safer your car will be covered by a structure meant for protection. 

Are you struggling with the decision concerning which car shelter is best suited for your purposes and location? Talk to outdoor structure experts at ShelterLogic for more advice on which product to choose to maximize your protection potential.

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