Fabric Buildings FAQs

August 13, 2019

What is a fabric building?

A fabric building is a fabric structure made from steel ribs and fabric; which is stretched across the steel ribs. The fabric has tensile strength, which causes the building to be stable and durable. The ribs can be shaped into many different forms; however, the most common are, peak, barn style, Gothic arch, and round or hoop.

What type of fabric is used in a fabric building?

Typically the fabric used is a multi-layer product. The fabric is usually manufactured using a "rip-stop" method which combines multiple layers of fabric with a treated coating between each layer. This process increases its strength, durability, and resistance to natural elements. Fabrics usually come in many weights and colors, typically the heavier the fabric weight, the more durable the fabric cover.

What is the different between a fabric building, hoop building, hoop barn kit, tension building, and fabric structure?

Basically nothing, they are all made from a rib system and fabric, which is stretched or tensioned and anchored, to make the building stable.

Is a fabric building a Clear Span building?

A fabric building is a "clear span" building. Clear span is a term used by architects to describe the distance between two inside surfaces of supports in a building. A "clear span" building offers the most available room between the supports.

Are fabric buildings easy to set up and move, if needed?

Fabric buildings can be erected in roughly 1/3 the time of a traditional steel building. The temporary nature of the design allows for easy take down and relocating if needed. While it is possible to move the fabric buildings from one location to another easily, buildings should remain anchored at all times when in use.

Are fabric buildings temporary structures?

Due to the construction and durability of a fabric building they can be used as a temporary building, semi-permanent building, or a permanent building. Fabric buildings should remain anchored at all times when in use.

Do I need a permit to erect a fabric building?

Depending on where you live will determine the need for a permit. Please check with your local building code office to determine the need.

Are fabric buildings durable?

Fabric buildings are extremely durable. The combination of the steel ribs and the rip-stop treated fabric has been used for a very long time by commercial companies, military contractors, the farming industry, as well as the everyday customer. Buildings are manufactured using high quality materials. This combination has the potential for decades of durability. Most fabric buildings have a wind and snow rating. The durability of your fabric building will vary depending on the steem frame and fabric cover combination.

What is a wind and snow rated fabric building?

A wind and snow rated building is a fabric building that has been tested to withstand the power of wind and the pressure of snow up to a specific MPH/PSF. A certified wind and snow rated building has been tested and certified to meet provisions of the ASCE.

How can I use a fabric building?

Fabric buildings can be used to store and shelter anything from your outdoor equipment, your car, truck, boat, or RV. Many people purchase fabric buildings to use as outdoor workstations for their home business or for basic backyard storage. Fabric buildings are very durable and multi-functional.

Do fabric buildings resist fire?

Depending on the material, some fabric buildings are flame retardant, but are not fire resistant. PVC fabric building covers are inherently flame retardant and will not immediatley burn.

Will fabric buildings become moldy over time?

Fabric buildings are UV treated to resist the damage that comes from prolonged exposure to the elements. PVC covers are inherently mold and mildew resistant.

How do I clean my fabric building?

Fabric buildings can be cleaned using a soft sponge without hard edges, water, and a mild dish soap. Harsh chemicals, astringent, or corrosive substances should not be used in cleaning your building and can damage the fabric material of your fabric building.

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Albert Wiebe
Jan 20, 2020 15:21
The metal frame of my existing 24 ‘ shelter is sound but the fabric has failed. Do you sell just the fabric alone?
Jan 29, 2020 05:15
Hi Albert,

Yes, we do offer replacement covers. For pricing and availability please give us a call at 1-800-932-9344. or check out our <a href="https://www.shelterlogic.com/products/replacement-cover-kits/" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">Replacement Cover page here</a>.
NAME*Steve Hinds
Nov 23, 2019 05:56
MESSAGE Can a passage door be cut into the side of a shelter logic SUV/Truck garage? Are there kits available for this?
Nov 26, 2019 12:37
Hi Steve,

Unfortunately, we do not offer a kit for adding an additional door and we do not recommend doing so as that will void your warranty. To discuss in more detail feel free to call us at 1-800-932-9344.

Thank you