How to Choose the Right Gazebo for Your Backyard

How to Choose the Right Gazebo for Your Backyard
May 08, 2023

Are you looking for a way to add style, character, and shade to your outdoor space? You need a gazebo.

A gazebo can spruce up your backyard or patio, plus increase the appeal and value of your property. But finding the right gazebo size for your backyard might prove difficult. That explains why most customers often ask this question “What size gazebo do I need for my backyard?”.

If you are one of these customers, you have come to the right place. Here we will help you select the right size gazebo for patios and backyards. You will also discover more information about gazebos that will come in handy when installing one. Let’s dive in!

What Is a Gazebo?

A gazebo is an open, freestanding structure with a roof that offers homeowners a sheltered area in their backyard, patio, or garden. The structure might come in a wide of shapes, including hexagonal, rectangular, or octagonal, meaning there is something to suit your backyard design.

Gazebos can be constructed from metal or wood, and the structure usually features built-in seating. People who love privacy can get gazebos with outdoor drapes or curtains, or latticework.

This open structure can serve as a focal point over furniture or hot tub or get installed in an area on your property that offers a beautiful view while sheltering you from the sun and even rain. A gazebo aims to create a private area with shade within your backyard or garden where you can relax and unwind alone or with your friends.

Gazebo in BackyardGazebo in Backyard

Why Do I Need a Gazebo?

A gazebo presents you with the perfect way to spend time outdoors during the summer and even winter. It is perfect for those individuals who like spending time in the greenery of their garden or love reading books in a quiet, relaxing space.

Below, you will discover other reasons you need to install a gazebo in your backyard.

A Perfect Place for Gathering

A gazebo provides shade on sunny and cloudy days, and it’s a great gathering space. You can invite your family and friends to come over for cookouts and relaxing outdoor moments. And don’t forget to bring your furry friends along.

A gazebo in your backyard makes a perfect outdoor room where people can gather and sit all day while enjoying a cocktail and making conversation.

Adds Value to Your Home

If you’re planning to sell your property in the future, consider investing in a gazebo. Gazebos are unique and not easily found in many gardens or backyards. So having one makes your property more charming and inviting compared to others.

Besides, a gazebo can make your property more memorable to interested buyers. That means you can cash in more money after making a sale.

Even if you don’t plan to sell your home, having a gazebo will make your home and garden more enjoyable. You can make the living space more usable by upgrading it with lighting and furniture.

It’s Stylish in Any Background

Perhaps one reason people love gazebos is the fact that they can get designed to complement any home or backyard design.

If you don't love an octagonal-shaped gazebo, you're free to choose from other shapes, including oval, dodecagon, or rectangle. Most people love rectangular-shaped gazebos because they offer more floor space compared to other designs.

You also have the option of choosing the material the gazebo should be made of, whether metal or wooden. But this depends on your budget.

A Great Outdoor Place to Relax and Unwind

We live in an era where it’s difficult to find peace and solitude. But adding a gazebo to your outdoor space can be the key to creating a place where you can relax and unwind after a busy week. A gazebo for patios provides you with a space to let loose of your thoughts and open up your senses so you can come alive.

What Size Grill GazeboWhat Size Grill Gazebo

How Can You Use a Backyard Gazebo?

There are several ways to use your backyard gazebo based on your lifestyle and needs. They include:

Outdoor Dining

Your backyard gazebo can act as an outdoor dining space for family dinners and weekend brunches. It will allow you and your family or friends to indulge in home-cooked meals while enjoying the fresh air. All you need is to accessorize it like your home’s dining room and add string lights for a beautiful glow and an outdoor area rug for texture. You can also install wood panels and mesh screens.

Outdoor Lounging

A backyard gazebo makes a perfect lounge space, perfect as a seating area for reading your latest book or catching up with friends. The space can also serve as your napping area during the day. Just hang a hammock and lay down. Add an outdoor rug to protect your feet from the cold cement and cushioned seats for extra support. Flowers and bushes around the gazebo will also help to create peaceful backyard heaven.

Sitting Area

Add a gazebo in your backyard to create an inviting and comfortable outdoor living space. Make it homey by adding lanterns, growing plants around it, adding an outdoor rug, and don’t forget the pillows.

Cover For Your Hot Tub

Your backyard gazebo can also act as a cover for your hot tub. This way, you can shield yourself from the hot sun, rain, and snow as you relax and unwind in the tub. You can add some lattice panels, mesh screens, or full walls to create some sense of privacy.

Party Gazebo BackyardParty Gazebo Backyard

Where Do You Plan to Put a Gazebo?

Before installing a gazebo in your backyard or garden, there are several things you need to consider:


Before installing a gazebo, consider the size of your garden. This allows you to determine the gazebo size you need. You don’t want to install a huge gazebo, only for it to cover a significant portion of your lawn. This will make your backyard look cramped, and you might not get to access other sections of the area with ease.

To make the right gazebo selection, place some stakes in the size and shape of your desired open structure into where you want to install it. Next, include some ribbons to get a visual view of where the railing of the gazebo will get installed.

Once you have done that, put a table or a few chairs inside the sectioned-out space to see if the gazebo size will comfortably accommodate your furniture. Also, ensure there’s enough space for walking around.

Type and Design

The type and design of your selected gazebo also play a key role in where you’ll install it. We have three types of gazebos: soft top, hardtop, and pop-up gazebos.

Soft top gazebos–They are designed from soft materials like fabric roofs, mesh walls, and plastic. They're easy to assemble and disassemble, and it's more suited for individuals who don't plan to live in one place for a long time. Also, it's perfect for individuals who wish to move their gazebo from one location of their garden to another over the years.

Hardtop gazebos–As the name suggests, they’re made from sturdy material like wood or metal. They’re ideal for individuals who live in areas that often experience hurricanes or typhoons. The solid nature of these gazebos makes them resistant to such strong weather conditions.

Pop-up gazebos–They are like soft top gazebos but are more temporary and much easier to install and remove.


As we said earlier, gazebos come in several shapes. The shape you will select will depend on the size of the lawn where you want to place the gazebo. If you’re working with a smaller space, consider a round, square, hexagonal, or oval-shaped gazebo. That’s true, especially if you want to install the gazebo at the center of your backyard or garden.

For a wider space, a rectangular, dodecagonal, octagonal, or decagonal-shaped gazebo will do the trick. These shapes also work better for corner placements.

Electricity and Water

Sometimes you might want to connect water and electricity to your gazebo for more functionality. If that’s the case, you need to install it somewhere near your house or close to the main water pipe or electricity pole. Also, you might need to get permits before making these improvements.

Do You Need to Build a Foundation for a Gazebo?

Depending on the size of your preferred gazebo, your local area building codes might require you to build a foundation. That’s why it’s important to go through the local building guidelines or laws before installing a gazebo on your property.

Also, if you live in an area where the ground freezes or often experiences hurricanes or typhoons, your gazebo might require some sort of foundation for anchoring.

Building a foundation for a gazabo is important since it protects the constructions material, especially wood, from rotting due to moisture and microorganism in the ground. The foundation helps to keep the wooden beams from soils and prevents the structure from toppling because of strong winds or a person or pet crashing on it.

Why Choose a Metal Gazebo Over a Wood Gazebo?

Unlike wooden gazebos, metal gazebos are constructed to be extremely durable and stable. There are often made from powder-coated aluminum and galvanized steel which can withstand the test of time. They don’t fade in the sun or rot when exposed to moisture. Furthermore, aluminum gazebos are rust, fire, corrosion, and bug resistant.

Besides, wood gazebos need regular maintenance since wood is susceptible to mold, water damage, and termite attack. Metal gazebos, on the other hand, require little maintenance. You can go for years without worrying about repainting and repair. All you need to do is hose it to get rid of dirt.

Additionally, metal gazebos are easy to assemble. You can do it yourself within a few minutes or an hour. Or you can get a professional to do it for you.

What Size GazeboWhat Size Gazebo

What Fits Under a Gazebo?

Small Gazebo

A smaller gazebo (10 ft. x 10 ft.) is nice for offering shade from the sun and light drizzle. You can fit a small chair with cushions for support and beautiful pillows to add color.

Medium Gazebo

A medium-sized gazebo (12 ft. x 14 ft.) provides a significant area to dine and relax with friends. You can add a table and chairs to recreate your home’s dining space. A medium gazebo with full walls can also act as a cover for a hot tub.

Large Gazebo

Large gazebos (12 ft. x 18 ft.) are ideal for family events. They often feature window panels to allow extra light inside and side panels to shield you and your friends from the cold. In this gazebo, you can add a fire pit to keep you warm, a barbecue grill, furniture, and more.

Make the Most of Your Backyard Space

If you want to make the most out of your backyard space, consider installing a gazebo. Not only will it add charm and comfort to your backyard or patio, but it will also boost your home’s aesthetics and value.

That said, the gazebo size you select depends on several factors. These factors include - the space available in your backyard, where you want to place the gazebo (corner or center), the shape of the gazebo of your choice, and what you plan to use it for.

We hope our piece has answered your question. Thank you for taking the time to read our article, and best of luck!

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