How to Choose the Right Metal Gazebo for Any Outdoor Space

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April 07, 2022

Whether choosing a metal gazebo or a soft top option, these sun shelters provide a facelift to any backyard. They can serve as a focal point to a gorgeous garden, or act as a gathering place for family barbecues or game nights. From a quiet getaway to a sun shade for an outdoor picnic, a metal gazebo is an ideal addition and worthy investment for any outdoor space.

What is a Gazebo?

A gazebo is a round or hexagonal open structure with a roof that offers views of the surrounding area. It can be used for entertainment, relaxation, or even a timeless piece of décor that adds a level of sophistication to any backyard. Most of these open structures are built with metal or wood. They can also be screened or enclosed with shades for added privacy.

Gazebos come in multiple sizes and are created with different materials to fit your personal preferences. SOJAG offers hard top gazebo options as well as soft top gazebos. While they are both constructed with strength, durability, and style in mind, some of their unique features may fit better with your climate or outdoor needs.

Hard Top Gazebo VS. Soft Top Gazebo

The main difference between a metal hard top gazebo and a soft top shelter is the material used to construct the roof of the gazebo. Here are some factors to think about when comparing a soft top metal gazebo with a metal roof gazebo.

  • Hard top gazebo: A metal roof gazebo from SOJAG is constructed with powdercoated aluminum to resist rust and corrosion along with galvanized steel panel roofs for ultimate strength. A hard top gazebo generally costs more money compared to their soft top counterparts due to the construction materials.
  • Soft top gazebo: A soft top metal gazebo from SOJAG while still constructed with incredibly sturdy materials including powdercoated aluminum, is less expensive than a metal roof gazebo. The roof on this metal gazebo option is made with ultra-strength polyester which combats against wind, moisture, and dirt. This structure offers plenty of protection from the sun without a large investment.
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Features and Benefits of Metal Gazebo Options from SOJAG

Metal gazebo options from SOJAG are packed with high-quality features that add style and function to your outdoor space. These structures provide endless benefits including:

  • Strong construction: Whether you choose a hard top gazebo or a soft top, they are built to last with longevity in comfort in mind. Constructed with high-quality aluminum along with either a galvanized steel or polyester roof, you can rest assured these shelters stand up to Mother Nature. Corrosion resistant and incredibly durable, your investment will pay off in dividends.
  • Ultimate versatility: There are a number of ways to utilize a metal gazebo around your property. Use it as a focal point to your garden or relaxing spot near the pool to escape the sun. You can also use a metal roof gazebo as the perfect protection from rain and sun while you eat by placing a dining room table underneath for guests. You can even choose to use a metal gazebo as a hot top cover to keep debris out of the water while shielding yourself from the harmful UV rays.
  • Curb appeal: Creating a pleasing aesthetic on your property increases curb appeal and could even increase your property value. Adding a soft or hard top gazebo to any outdoor space breathes new life into the surrounding area and seamlessly blends with any décor.
  • Multiple style options: Whether you want to transform your outdoor space into a chic oasis or a cozy garden hideaway, SOJAG has the metal gazebo with a look that fits your unique vibe. Choose from a variety of different colors and styles, and even add shades or netting to your structure for extra privacy.
  • Safety: These metal roof gazebo options are more than just a gorgeous addition to your yard. They provide supreme protection from harmful UV rays that can lead to skin cancer. In addition, they meet CPAI-84 fire retardant international safety standards
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Which SOJAG Gazebo is Right for You?

Choosing the right type of gazebo is simple when you know your budget and exactly what you are looking for to complement your backyard space. SOJAG offers options for every budget and shelter need.

Standard Gazebos

These standard metal gazebo options provide incredible value and strength while adhering to your budget. These shelters add a touch of class made with quality materials in both soft and hard top gazebo options. Hard top models are constructed with ultra-sturdy galvanized steel roofs, while the soft top shelters are created with durable polyester. Choose from models with the following:

  • Pest Protection: Aside from the sun shade these gazebos provide, you can also choose from options that have built-in mosquito netting and privacy shades. Enjoy the great outdoors without pests that ruin the night.
  • Multiple size options: If you are looking for a metal gazebo to fit unique dimensions, choose from multiple size options to seamlessly blend into your outdoor space.
  • Heavy duty roof: Although these are affordable metal roof gazebo options, you will love the strength of the polycarbonate panel roofing that is weather-resistant and UV-protected.

Premium Gazebos

Premium metal gazebo options from SOJAG level up on elegance while still providing tremendous value. These top level shelters offer extreme strength along with ultimate versatility for the perfect addition to your backyard. Choose from a variety of options packed with functional features, including:

  • Wall mounted options: When space is at a premium, add a wall mounted hard top gazebo to your space for ultimate function and style. This metal gazebo is ideal for providing shade to your guests at an outdoor dining table.
  • Increased protection: Choose a metal gazebo with louver walls for increased protection from the elements as well as privacy. This option also adds an incredible level of style and sophistication to your porch.
  • Powder coated frames: Constructed with premium aluminum powdercoated frames, you can rest assured these metal gazebo options can stand up to anything Mother Nature throws at it.

Superior Gazebos

These top-of-the-line shelters are made with the best materials for a luxury look at a competitive price. For ultimate relaxation and classic style, choose from superior gazebos with features including:

  • Multiple color options: These stunning metal roof gazebo options provide gorgeous colors to seamlessly blend into any outdoor décor. Choose from a beautiful color palete ideal for any modern backyard space.
  • Polycarbonate roof: This ultra-strong material allows sunlight in while still shielding you and your guests from harmful UV rays. This premium construction will provide years of enjoyment.
  • Ideal for any surface: These hard top gazebo options offer increased strength while built on nearly any surface. Use it as your own personal cabana on the pool deck or even a hot tub shelter.

Metal Gazebo Choices for Any Lifestyle or Budget

These gorgeous sun shelters can fit into any budget or lifestyle. With simple assembly without need for a professional, add curb appeal and incredible style to your property without a sizeable investment. Strong materials and stylish design meet for a timeless look that will wow your guests at every gathering. Relax and unwind while creating your own getaway with a metal gazebo from SOJAG.

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