Improve Your Firewood Storage: 4 Basics Tips on What You Need to Know

firewood storage tips
December 22, 2021

You might think that how you store your firewood isn't all that important, but it's of the utmost importance for several reasons. In this article, we will go over the importance of storing your firewood correctly and four basic tips on how you can improve your firewood storage so that when you want to light a fire, you won't encounter any unnecessary problems or issues.

seasoning shed for firewood storageseasoning shed for firewood storage

The Importance of Firewood Storage

Storing your firewood properly is important for a few reasons. First, if your firewood isn't stored correctly, then it can be compromised by rain or snow, making it pretty much useless. Also, storing your firewood properly will ensure that it burns hotter and longer, which is, of course, the goal.

These four tips should help you better understand the importance of storing your firewood correctly, how to store firewood the right way, and most importantly, how to get it right every time.

1. Where you Should Store your Firewood

There are some dos and don’ts when it comes to storing your firewood. There are a few things that need to be considered when deciding how you want to store your firewood, and the most important of these considerations is where you should store it.

First and foremost, your firewood should be elevated off the ground so as to allow for proper ventilation and airflow, this prevents the wood from drying out and cracking, but it also prevents the moisture from the ground from ruining your supply of timber. Also, you should never keep your firewood right next to your home. Firewood, regardless of how well it's stored, can attract pests, and the last thing you want is for these pesky critters to make their way into your home.

Getting it just right means storing your firewood near to your home so that it’s easily accessible in all weather conditions without it being too close so as to avoid pests and critters from entering your residence. It also means keeping your firewood off the ground and somewhere with adequate airflow and ventilation.

firewood storage on a firewood rackfirewood storage on a firewood rack

2. Stack Firewood Correctly

Stacking your firewood isn’t as simple as just piling it up somewhere. In order to ensure that your supply of firewood is stacked correctly, consider using a firewood storage rack. Firewood racks are specifically designed to keep your wood off the ground and provide proper airflow and ventilation while at the same time keeping your supply out of reach from most of the common pests who would be all too happy to feast away on it or call it their new home.

Remember, your firewood storage rack should be stored at a distance of no less than three feet away from your home, and you should also do your best to ensure that it isn’t stored near any trees or other objects which might house pests or inhibit proper ventilation. Also, you should never store firewood in the basement or garage; although these places may seem like ideal areas to store your supply of firewood, they are prone to attracting insects, or troublesome rodents, such as rats, for example.

You should also consider creating a vapor barrier underneath your firewood storage rack to prevent moisture from seeping into your wood and ruining it; some patio stones or a concrete foundation can work well in this capacity.

A few additional tips for stacking your firewood properly include splitting the logs before stacking them, stacking any logs bark side up, and stacking your wood in alternate directions to allow for better ventilation and drying of your timber.

Properly Stored, Seasoned Firewood Burns Hotter and LongerProperly Stored, Seasoned Firewood Burns Hotter and Longer

3. Properly Stored, Seasoned Firewood Burns Hotter and Longer

When stored properly and seasoned correctly, your firewood will perform much better than if you didn’t take the time to store it correctly; there are a few reasons for why this is the case. In order for firewood to burn its hottest, it needs to be properly dried and for it to be properly dried. When firewood is stored haphazardly, then it's possible for moisture, vapor, or the elements to seep into it so that even if it appears to be dry on the outside, the wood is actually moist on the inside, which can prevent it from burning properly, or at all.

Also, seasoning the wood, when done correctly, will ensure that it's got the best chance of burning correctly, which ultimately means burning its hottest and its longest. Getting an extra few hours of burn time out of each log is significant indeed, and it can mean that your supply is actually considerably bigger than it appears to be at first glance because it will last much longer and need to be replaced much less frequently.

Shed-in-a-Box for firewood storageShed-in-a-Box for firewood storage

4. Storing Firewood in a Shed

The best options for firewood storage are to store it either in a metal shed or else in another portable shed designed specifically to be used for firewood storage. A metal shed should ensure that pests don't have access, or at least easy access to your supply, and will also do a great job of keeping the elements at bay, preventing your wood from becoming moist or otherwise ruined during wet weather or in winter when there is snow blowing around.

Storing firewood in a shed, whether metal or otherwise, can also be a great choice. So long as your supply of firewood is secured away from your home, off the ground, and protected by four walls, a floor, and a roof, then you should be good to go; that is assuming that you’ve followed the other tips outlined in this article. That said, there are a few things to look out for when storing firewood in a shed.

First, you should consider the amount of firewood that you would like to, or need to, store at any given time. Are you storing wood for only a few weeks? Or will you need to store a sufficient amount of firewood to get you through the winter? Once you know how much wood you need to store, then you can select an appropriately sized portable firewood shed for your needs.

Next, you need to consider the materials and quality of the materials used in the construction of your firewood shed. If you live in an area with lots of wet weather, then the elements can, over time, degrade the integrity of the roof or the structure as a whole, compromising the shelter and putting your supply at risk. So, always choose a portable firewood shed that's made from high-quality, durable materials. Again, metal is almost always the longest-lasting and is normally the best way to go.

Proper Firewood Storage is Essential

Storing firewood correctly isn't as simple as just stacking it up wherever and letting it sit there. For your firewood to perform its best, it should always be stored away from your home, off the ground, in an area with proper airflow and ventilation, and ideally in a metal or other portable shed, where it will be protected from pests and the elements. Follow these firewood storage tips and get the most out of your firewood.

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