Must-Have Shed Accessories for Better Backyard Storage

Must-Have Shed Accessories for Better Backyard Storage
February 24, 2022

A backyard storage shed can be a home away from home while gardening and relaxing outdoors, or simply a place to stow away items to keep your yard and home decluttered. Either way, it serves an important purpose for any homeowner by providing security for belongings while adding value and a gorgeous aesthetic to any outdoor space.

While choosing a strong and reliable structure is top priority, there are simple shed accessories that can take your organization to the next level. These additional investments will increase not only the functionality of your structure, but also convenience and durability.

Storage Shed Accessories for Additional Space

Space is at a premium when it comes to filling a compact shed, so it is ideal to purchase storage shed accessories that create additional areas to work or keep belongings. Utilize the walls of your shed, and don’t forget using these shed accessories on shed doors as well to create additional storage space.

  • Tool hanging kits: Keep tools tidy and in better working order by adding a tool hanging kit to your shed. From larger tools like a rake and shovel to smaller items like screwdrivers, these shed accessories utilize wall space for storage, which adds space on the ground for you to use for other items. These kits mount easily to any wall for simple storage in a snap.
  • Pegboards: These cost-effective shed accessories keep tools and other odds and ends organized, which gives you more space for storage on the floor and other areas of your shed. Pegboards are simple to install and are a budget-friendly way to keep track of smaller belongings.
  • Extension kits: Some sheds like the Commander Series have extension kits that can be purchased separately to add on extra feet of storage to a structure. These shed accessories can be added on to extend the area of the original shed structure.
Tool Hanging Rack in a Steel ShedTool Hanging Rack in a Steel Shed

Shed Accessories for Ultimate Organization

Keeping items in a shed tidy and organized can make a huge difference in how you work and even how long a shed lasts. These must-have accessories offer simple and cost-effective ways to keep your outdoor storage solution in order.

  • Shelving: Adding shed accessories like shelves offer extra space along the walls while keeping your items fully organized. Shelves allow you to see everything clearly making it easier to find when needed. Shelving kit models from ShelterLogic Group can hold up to 85 lb. of weight for ample storage options.
  • Bins: Utilize just about any type of storage container to separate items by season or by task. Label what you store inside for easy access and seamless organization.
  • Deck boxes: These gorgeous storage shed accessories aren’t only for your patio area. Deck boxes are versatile enough to use inside a shed while adding a touch of class and tidiness to the area. Choose an all-weather option to ensure it can stand up to the elements while also protecting the items inside.

Storage Shed Accessories for Functionality

One of the top priorities with every shed purchase should be to provide a layer of convenience to your life. These storage shed accessories offer additional functionality that make your structure more useful.

  • Potting bench: Adding a seating area automatically turns your storage solution into a great potting shed where you can toil away for hours working on the garden. It also acts as a perfect spot to hide from the heat and harsh sunlight when working in the yard.
  • Work bench: If gardening isn’t your top priority, a work bench is one of the many shed accessories that add function to your outdoor area. Whether you plan to work with wood or fix up your bicycle, this option will provide storage, comfort and convenience.
  • Ramps: If your shed is slightly elevated and you use a wheelbarrow, tractor, or anything with wheels. Ramps are often overlooked storage shed accessories that make it easier to maneuver in and out of your shed.
Shelving Unit in a Steel ShedShelving Unit in a Steel Shed

Add-ons for Safety and Security

While a storage solution is important for keeping your belongings safe from the elements and thieves, there are also shed accessories that help to keep you safe too. These cost-effective add-ons will provide increased safety and security for both you and your belongings.

  • Locks: Some sheds already have built-in locks. Others have pad-lockable doors to add a lock for increased security. Either way, you’ll want to add a lock to your storage solution to ensure thieves can’t make it inside to steal belongings.
  • Lighting: You may find a shed with a skylight. for a natural way to provide a light source. Alternatively, homeowners may add electricity to a shed to avoid tripping or hurting yourself while performing work in the shed.
  • Roof strengthening kit: Although it is important to purchase a shed that is durable and built-to-last, shed accessories like roof strengthening kits are an ideal addition if you live in a climate where snow accumulation is possible. It will provide added stability especially in a case where you may not be able to clear snow off the roof fast enough.
  • Anchors: Whether securing a fabric shed to the ground or to concrete, anchors are important for the stability of the structure and the safety of the person and belongings inside. There are a variety of anchors to choose from based on your needs and shed foundation.

Shed Accessories for Efficient Storage

Storage shed accessories are the key to a well-maintained outdoor structure and safe storage. Choosing the right ones also create a more enjoyable experience whether you are working inside your shed or simply enjoying the end of a long day by the garden. Organizing your storage solution will not only make your life easier, it also contributes to a safer place to stow away your items or toil away at your plants. These small investments pay off big time throughout each season.

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