Should You Choose an Outdoor Metal Gazebo or a Wood Gazebo for Your Backyard?

Outdoor metal gazebo or wood gazebo
May 25, 2021

Outdoor gazebos are a great addition to any backyard.  They're perfect for relaxing in the shade or hosting a game-day party. Gazebos can also be a stylish and functional detached garage for parking your car, storing a boat, or organizing your tools. But choosing the perfect gazebo for your backyard isn’t an easy decision. This guide helps you choose the right gazebo for your home.

The Differences Between Outdoor Wooden Gazebos and Metal Gazebos

Both metal and wood gazebos are popular choices for a detached garage, but how do you know which style is right for you? Here are some things to consider when choosing between an outdoor metal gazebo or wood gazebo.


If you want a traditional look and feel, you may be considering a rustic wooden gazebo. They’re usually made of pressure-treated wood that’s painted or stained to match your backyard design.

Outdoor metal gazebos are made of aluminum or galvanized steel. These sleek, contemporary gazebos are the perfect addition to a modern yard. You can create an elegant feature in your garden and enjoy a sophisticated detached garage.


Wood gazebos are durable structures that can last for many years. However, they’re very susceptible to weather changes. If they’re not well cared for, the wood can shift or crack when exposed to severe temperature swings. Wooden gazebos may also chip, warp, or even rot.

Outdoor metal gazebos are extremely stable and durable. They’re made with powder-coated aluminum and steel that easily withstands storms and harsh weather. Metal gazeboes don’t fade in the sun or rot in the rain, and changes in temperature won’t warp the gazebo. Best of all, aluminum gazebos from SOJAG are rust-resistant, so you'll know your stored items are safe from sun, rain, and snow. Aluminum gazebos are also resistant to bugs, corrosion, and fire, so they last a very long time.


Wood gazebos require a lot of upkeep. The wood is susceptible to water damage, mold, or a termite attack. If the wood is not appropriately cared for each and every year, the gazebo can settle, shift, or even warp over time. The wood also starts to look weathered within a few months. To maintain a wood gazebo, you’ll need to re-stain or repaint the gazebo every year or two, and this can get expensive. You may even need to replace damaged or cracked wood.

On the other hand, metal gazebos need very little upkeep. If they’re installed correctly, you won’t need to worry about yearly maintenance, repainting, or repairs. These gazebos won’t rot or warp in the weather, and they’re not a good home for termites. They’ll also look new for a number of years! To maintain your outdoor metal gazebo, just hose it down to get rid of dirt and dust or wash it with a mild soap when necessary.


Wooden gazebo kits often arrive as a pile of pressure-treated wood that needs to be assembled, sanded, and stained. These structures can take some time to assemble and can result in high labor costs.

Aluminum gazebos are easy to assemble. Whether you do it yourself or get a professional installer, your outdoor metal gazebo can be built in a hurry.

The Cost Differences Between Outdoor Metal Gazebos and Wood GazebosThe Cost Differences Between Outdoor Metal Gazebos and Wood Gazebos

The Cost Differences Between Outdoor Metal Gazebos and Wood Gazebos

Wooden gazebos are beautiful structures with a high price-tag. Not only is the upfront cost quite high, but you’ll also need to factor in the cost of ongoing maintenance.

Outdoor metal gazebos from SOJAG provide exquisite style and luxury at a lower price point than most wooden gazebos. On top of that, these metal gazebos last longer, look modern, and provide a lot more versatility with easy-to-install options like curtains and mosquito nets.

Standard Gazebo

Aluminum gazebos are very popular, partly because of their attractive price tag. Standard gazebos from SOJAG, for instance, are quite affordable come in a range of beautiful styles. They have powder-coated aluminum frames and galvanized steel roofs for great protection. These quality gazebos add flair to your yard and can easily be used as a detached garage.

Superior Gazebo

Invest in a high-quality superior gazebo from SOJAG, made of aluminum, steel, and polycarbonate. You’ll find large, upscale gazebos, and some elegant features like a double roof. These gazebos will give you a custom look and make your gazebo stand out.

Premium Gazebo

For top-of-the-line sophistication, a premium gazebo from SOJAG is unbeatable. Invest in your yard with an extremely durable polycarbonate and steel gazebo. Made from the highest-quality materials, these beautiful structures will enhance your yard for years to come.

Messina outdoor metal gazeboMessina outdoor metal gazebo

Selecting the Right Backyard Spot

An outdoor metal gazebo is a great addition to your garden or patio, giving you a sturdy detached garage or party shelter anywhere you need it. But choosing the right spot for the gazebo can be daunting. Try answering these questions to help you make the right decision:

How will you use the gazebo?

Outdoor metal gazebos are extremely versatile. There are countless uses for your backyard gazebo, and you can easily redesign or repurpose your gazebo to match your changing needs. 

Where will the gazebo look best?

You should also consider what the gazebo will look like when you’re standing on your deck or looking out your kitchen window towards the yard. Make sure it's not blocking the view of your favorite flowers or hiding the pool from view.

Is the ground level?

You’ll need to install your gazebo on a level and dry spot in your yard. If you don’t have a large flat area, you can level part of your yard before building the gazebo.

Where are the trees and flowers?

Trees are a natural source of shade, giving you a great spot to beat the heat. Build your detached garage gazebo away from the trees so you can still enjoy the shade on hot afternoons. If you have plants that need a lot of sunlight, make sure the gazebo won’t be shading your existing garden.

Ventura outdoor metal gazeboVentura outdoor metal gazebo

Getting the Right Gazebo Size

Have you decided what outdoor metal gazebo you want, and where you’re going to install it? Before building a gazebo, make sure you choose the right gazebo size. First, consider the size of your yard. Small yards can be overpowered by a large gazebo, and a small gazebo may look out of place in a large yard.

Next, think about your parking or storage needs. If you plan to store pool supplies, gardening equipment, or your lawnmower, a small gazebo is a good choice. For vehicle or boat parking, measure the size of your vehicle and make sure you get a large gazebo that gives you enough space.

Building a Gazebo Base

Aluminum gazebos are lightweight, so you can safely attach them to your existing deck or patio. Unlike wooden gazebos, aluminum gazebos don’t need a heavy-duty foundation. Instead, you can anchor your outdoor metal gazebo to your deck or secure it in the yard using footers. Before you choose your gazebo, plan how you’ll build the right base to make your gazebo safe.

Add Curtains or Mosquito Nets

Outdoor metal gazebos are open on all four sides so you can enjoy the breeze and the view when working on projects. But in the evening, you might have a few unwanted visitors.  Many SOJAG gazebos include mosquito netting to keep out the bugs. By closing the netting you’ll create a bug-free zone, transforming your gazebo into the perfect evening spot.

Optional curtains provide even more privacy and protection. You can close the curtains to keep your tools and gardening supplies dry and closing the curtains will also protect your vehicle from heat, rain, and even snow.

An Outdoor Metal Gazebo is a Great Investment

For great style and function at an affordable price, invest in a SOJAG outdoor metal gazebo. A metal gazebo is more durable and versatile than a wooden gazebo. It's also easier to assemble and requires less maintenance. This trendy structure is the perfect detached garage, giving you extra shade and shelter wherever you need it.

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