ShelterLogic Group Featured in CNN Business Article About Tommy Bahama Beach Chairs

A woman at the beach sitting in a Tommy Bahama beach chair
September 07, 2022

If you went to the beach this Labor Day weekend, did you notice Tommy Bahama-branded beach chairs, beach umbrellas, and other gear spread out all over the sand.

CNN Business didn’t just take notice, they wrote about it on its website: “It’s not just you. Tommy Bahama beach chairs are everywhere.”

Tommy Bahama doesn’t make its beach chairs, beach umbrellas, or beach goods such as stainless-steel coolers. They are made by ShelterLogic Group, which knows a little bit about the beach chair market. ShelterLogic Group is the parent company of leading beach chair manufacturer RIO Beach.

“There is no public market share data on beach chairs, but Rob Silinski, the president of ShelterLogic Group, estimates that Tommy Bahama controls 80% of the market for chairs above $30.”
– CNN Business

Tommy Bahama CEO Doug Wood said he never imagined customers would buy Tommy Bahama beach chairs when the partnership launched in 2009. Though the brand doesn’t break out beach chair and beach umbrella sales from the business, but Tommy Bahama sells up to two million chairs a year and 700,000 umbrellas, according to the article.

Read all about the unexpected success story of Tommy Bahama beach chairs here.

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