Size Matters: How Big of a Backyard Shed Do I Need?

Size Matters: How Big of a Backyard Shed Do I Need?
June 06, 2022

Making the decision about what size shed to buy isn't always easy. It can be hard to look at a few figures and be able to realize what shed storage option is best for your space. The good news is you will find numerous sheds to select from, allowing you to avoid buying a shed too small for most of your needs or too large for your backyard.

How Will You Use Your Backyard Shed?

To make the decision about which type of backyard shed to buy, you have to think about what you plan to store in it. Do you plan to use your shed as a tool storage area, an area to store gardening supplies, or even as a workspace? You may want there to be enough space so you can create a workbench for your gardening or repair projects.

You may wish to use your shed as a way to manage the “extras” that no longer fit in your garage. Take a few minutes to consider what you hope to put into your shed or how else you plan to use it before you invest. That will give you some help in determining what size shed you need.

What Will the Backyard Shed Store?

Whether you are considering a large shed or a small shed, the ultimate goal is to understand what this space is going to be able to store for you. There's no benefit in buying a shed that is too large. It may take up too much room in your backyard and limit how you make use of that space. On the other hand, a shed that's too small is one you'll outgrow quickly, often leading to the purchase of a second shed. The bottom line is that you have to have some idea of what can be stored in each side shed. Here are some helpful tips for that.

What Fits in a 4x3 Shed?

A 4x3 shed offers a decent amount of storage for many people. Often, you can place a few pieces of outdoor furniture here, such as some of your fold up or stackable chairs. You could put in a few doors for gardening, as well as a wheelbarrow. There is not a lot of storage present, but it is enough to store a few garden supplies to keep them out of the way, especially during the winter months. Getting the most out of a small shed means good organization.

What Fits in a 6x5 Shed?

The next shed size up is a 6x5. Here, you have more room for a few more of your items. For example, you could put your small grill in here during the winter months along with a few tools for gardening. It is possible to store a wheelbarrow, ladder, and other types of moderately sized items in your shed. With some shelving, there could be room here for more of the items you need to use seasonally, such as patio furniture or toys for the kids.

Backyard Shed Storage LayoutBackyard Shed Storage Layout

What Fits in an 8X8 Shed?

In an 8x8 shed, there’s more room for just about all of the summer items you no longer need during the cold months. You can place most of your gardening equipment here, including rakes, the garden hose, and perhaps even a grass seed sprayer. There should be enough room in this type of shed for your push mower, along with these other items. Your charcoal grill and perhaps a few more items are sure to be in this area. This is often the best shed for those who want a decent amount of storage and a smaller footprint.

What fits in a 12x10 Shed?

A large shed like this is going to provide ample room for most of your gear. You can get plenty in this size, including your ATV, push mower, a wheelbarrow, and perhaps even the riding mower, at the same time. It is also going to provide ample room for chairs, a garden hose, grills, and other items that you likely need to store throughout the winter months. With good organization of your shed, you can take full advantage of this space for a work area. Add some shelves to help you keep projects and planting tools organized.

What Fits in a 10x14 Shed?

In a 10x14 shed, you have room for just about anything. This type of shed is the ideal option if you are struggling with decluttering your shed and just want more room. It is capable of holding patio furniture, your riding mower, ladders, push mowers, and even all of the kid’s outdoor toys for the summer months. You can often put your grills in here along with everything you need to use for your garden.

In addition to this, you could turn this size shed into a small work area. With the right design and organization, it is possible to add some workbenches and shelves to keep just about everything you have organized and easily accessed when you need it to be.

This large shed takes up a much larger amount of backyard space. However, with so much room, you could keep just about everything else that is in your yard or garage organized and accessible in a shed. For many property owners, this type of shed is best when there is a large of equipment to store and ample room on the property for storing it.

Backyard Shed Storage Layout 10x14Backyard Shed Storage Layout 10x14

Will You Outgrow Your Shed?

If you buy a large shed, it is unlikely you will outgrow that space. However, it is important to think carefully about purchasing smaller sheds when there are a lot of items to store.

Think down the road, too. Are you likely to add a garden to your home that requires the use of more tools? Perhaps you may purchase a charcoal grill or smoker in a few years. If you did that, would there be enough room in the shed to meet your needs? It is often best to invest wisely now, thinking about what your needs will be in the years to come.

Keep in mind, though, that buying too large can take up a lot of room on your property. That may make it hard to do other things in the future, too. For example, if you do not have a lot of space but add a large shed to the area, that may make it hard for you to add gardens, play areas, or the pool you want.

Finding the balance here is critical. You could buy a moderately sized shed now and, if necessary, upgrade in the future. However, you don't want to buy a bigger shed because your current one is unorganized.

How Important Is Headroom?

As you consider the best shed for your needs, you also have to think about the amount of headroom in that space. That is the amount of space above the ground floor. For example, if you have a push mower, riding mower, or a few grills, you have to place them all on the ground sitting next to each other.

In a shed that offers more headroom, you may be able to increase the amount of space you have to use by stacking items. For example, you could hang a ladder on the wall above that riding mower, giving you lots of space on the ground for something else. You may be able to stack your patio furniture or the kid’s toys, too.

When buying a shed, then be sure there is ample headroom if you have items that you can stack on top of each other. This also comes in handy when you have lots of small items. Adding some shelves may allow you to take advantage of that height a bit more fully.

Organizing Your Backyard Shed to Maximize Space

The key to buying the right shed sizes is to focus on organization. If you open the door to your shed and just toss items in, you are not making the best use of that space. Ultimately, that means that you need a larger shed to store the same amount and type of items that you could get in a much smaller shed. Again, you don't want to waste a lot of your yard on a shed that's too large.

From the start, consider organization. Determine what types of items you plan to store here and what ways you can store them to get the most out of the space. That could mean, for example, using hooks and shelving on the walls. Depending on the amount of headroom present, you may benefit from a small shelving system or overhead storage.

The best shed size for each home is going to be different. Take a few minutes to make a list of the ideal items to place in your shed, and then work to determine what type of shed will be the best overall for your needs. You are sure to find the specific type and size of shed you need available to you right here once you're ready to buy.

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