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  1. Great News: RIO Beach Chairs Among the Best Reviewed in 2022

    RIO Beach Chairs Among the Best Reviewed in 2022

    It is no secret that leisure travel is booming in 2022, and that means many families are heading to the nearest beach to spend time with their loved ones while taking in the sand and surf. Aside from sunscreen, the most important accessory for any day at the beach is a sturdy and comfortable beach chair.

    While there may be plenty of beach chairs out on the market, RIO and Tommy Bahama beach chairs have been such a crowd favorite this year, we’ve landed in several reviews this summer for having the best beach chairs around. (We’re blushing, but we still rounded up the best beach chair reviews for you below to help make your decision on which ones are coming with you to your next day by the water.)

    The Spruce: Best Overall Beach Chair

    The Spruce took a look at the best beach chairs of summer 2022, and our very own RIO Lace Up Removable Backpack Chair took the top spot! The Spruce calls it a perfect marriage of form and function, and we tend to agree. Of course, comfort...

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  2. Must-Have Beach Accessories for Your Family's Best Beach Day

    Must-Have Beach Accessories for Your Family's Best Beach Day

    Some of the best summer memories are made on the beach. After all, what's not to like about feeling the warm sand on your toes while relaxing under a beach umbrella, listening to the gentle waves washing over the shore? But a satisfying memory doesn't just happen without effort: a comfortable day at the beach is made possible by bringing the best accessories. 

    With the right chairs,  shades, and mealtime accessories, you can spend all day at the beach comfortably.  This is why it's important to invest in the best beach accessories and beach gear for families. So what should you bring to your next oceanfront getaway? This guide will show you everything you need for a terrific beach day.

    Beach Tips for Families

    When you think about a good beach day, you remember how easy it was to relax, how convenient it was to find your favorite beach toys and snacks, and how easy it was to pack up and go back to your car.  Overall, a beach day goes off without a hitch when you pay attention to the details. 

    You must prepare for a day in the open sun where there are not many conveniences around you. This is why it's advised to bring shelter, food, and seating for the most relaxing day possible. This is a short list of beach accessories that make an unforgettable beach trip:

    • Beach umbrella or sunshade
    • Foldable beach chairs or canopy chairs
    • Portable side tables for meals
    • Lunch and drink coolers
    • Bags for toys and essentials like sunscreen
    • A wheeled beach cart to help carry your belongings.
    • Any extra beach gear for small children like a potty seat and highchair

    Also, keep in mind that all the beach accessories you bring must be carried over long walks of sand. There's no guarantee that your beach will have a long boardwalk or pathway to make touting things...

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  3. Look No Further: Find the Best Beach Chair for the Summer

    Find the Best Beach Chair for the Summer

    Have you been shopping for a beach chair lately? If you’re in the market for one, you’ve probably noticed that chairs for the beach are not very easy to find this year. Even if you’re able to find a beach chair in a store or online, it’s either overpriced or it’s not quite what you’d hoped for. After a year of social distancing, beach chairs have become a hot must-have item for the summer. Families and individuals will be spending more downtime relaxing at their local beach, backyards, the park, or the local swimming hole.

    If it's been hard finding the perfect beach chair for you, look no further than RIO. You can choose from many great patterns, styles, and categories, models with hardwood or molded plastic arms, and built-in drink holders. Whether you like to recline and relax, sit up and enjoy the view, or need extra protection from the sun, RIO has a beach chair to fit your needs.

    Don’t go without a chair for the beach this summer: we have them in stock!

    Find the perfect RIO beach chairFind the perfect RIO beach chair


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  4. Plan a Vacation: Even If It's Local or In Your Backyard

    Plan a Vacation: Even If It's Local or In Your Backyard

    We all need to plan time off from work to spend quality time alone or with family and friends and recharge our minds. However, taking paid vacation time is something not every American worker is doing. According to the U.S. Travel Association, American workers left an average of 33% of their paid time on the table last year.

    National Plan a Vacation Day, which is the last Tuesday in January (this year, it’s January 26), reminds us to plan our vacation at the start of the year for the rest of the year. The earlier you plan a vacation, the more ready and relaxed you’ll be when your vacation time gets here...

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