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  1. Grower's Guide: What to Grow in a Greenhouse All Year Long

    Grower's Guide: What to Grow in a Greenhouse All Year Long

    One of the great things about having a greenhouse is that you can grow your own fresh produce almost all year long. These useful structures allow you to grow different types of plants and extend your growing season by many months.

    Wondering what plants you can grow in your greenhouse each season? Take a look through this year-round greenhouse guide!

    Seasonal Plants: Greenhouse Growing Guide

    When deciding what to grow in a greenhouse during each season, you need to consider two important factors – the length of sun exposure and the outdoor temperature. If you’re using a high tunnel greenhouse, this is even more important since they don't have heaters. Instead, this type of greenhouse relies on insulation and solar energy to create a microclimate for your garden. A major advantage of these structures is that they will provide shelter from wind and inclement weather without overheating your plants.

    While light and temperature are still important when using a standard greenhouse, the fact that they have heat and ventilation can help give you more climate control. This can also make it easier to grow tender plants

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  2. Growers Guide: Greenhouse Growing Tips

    A small portable greenhouse in a backyard

    Whether you’re a new gardener who’s just learning the basics, or an experienced farmer who’s looking to extend the growing season, greenhouses are an ideal environment for fruits, vegetables, and other plants to thrive. But there's a lot to learn about greenhouse gardening, and so in this guide, we'll go over everything you need to know to get started with your own portable greenhouse.

    In this guide, you'll learn:

    • What a greenhouse is
    • How to use a greenhouse
    • The different types of greenhouses
    • The advantages of greenhouse gardening
    • The best way to organize a greenhouse
    • How to protect your plants and crops from pests
    • How to clean your greenhouse
    • And much more
    what is a greenhousewhat is a greenhouse

    What is a Greenhouse?

    A greenhouse is a shelter that allows plants, flowers, fruits, and vegetables to continue growing indoors when the weather outside is no longer conducive to agriculture. In other words, it’s a house for your plants and crops that allows you to control the environmental conditions so that you can keep gardening year-round.

    How Do You Use a Greenhouse?

    The idea with a green

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  3. Shade, Storage, and More Solutions for Livestock Farms

    farm shelters for sale

    No matter the size of your livestock farm, the same basic principles apply to running a successful operation. You need the right tools and solutions to care for animals, store feed and heavy equipment, and to provide the proper environment to grow crops. While there are a number of farm shelters for sale, it’s important to research and invest in the right cattle shade structures and multi-use sheds in order to protect your animals, crops, and equipment.

    The Importance of Cattle Shade Structures

    From horses to cows, sheep to goats, livestock can be adversely affected by the elements in every season. In the blazing heat or harsh winter wind, it is crucial to provide your animals with proper shelter for their wellbeing and performance. Just like protecting yourself from the sun’s harmful UV rays, you must do the same for your animals.

    • The impacts of heat: Did you know animals can get sunburns, too? Cattle shade structures are crucial to shielding animals from sun exposure that can even lead to skin infections. Aside from skin protection, proper sheltering can keep an animal’s temperature in check, preventing overheating and other health issues that can lead to more serious illness.
    • Wind exposure: Wind chills can have a profound impact on body temperatures in livestock during winter cold snaps. Cattle shade structures provide a respite from harsh winds, which will in turn keep animals safer
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  4. 5 Major Benefits of a Greenhouse

    5 Major Benefits of a Greenhouse

    Watching your garden flourish is one of the greatest feelings you can have as an avid gardener. The main benefit of greenhouse gardening is seeing the seedlings you so lovingly planted grow into healthy, bountiful plants.

    Whether gardening is a hobby or a profession, a greenhouse can provide the ideal environment for more efficient gardening, extended growing options and growing across seasons. A greenhouse not only helps you to grow and sustain beautiful greenhouse plants and flowers throughout the year but also discover the deliciousness of growing your own fresh vegetables and fruits from your own garden.

    Types of Greenhouses

    Depending on the kind of crops you want to grow and the space you have available, there are quite a few options when it comes to selecting a garden greenhouse.

    Cold frame greenhouses rely on natural heat from the sun to create a microclimate for your plants that is warmer than outside. They are useful for extending your growing seasons especially in the transitional weeks from one season to the next when the weather can be unpredictable.

    Portable greenhouses can range from mini compact greenhouses that can easily fit on a balcony to easy-to-assemble and disassemble garden greenhouses that provide enough space to grow as you want without restricting you to one place.

    Raised bed greenhouses are perfect if your space is limited or if you don’t need a lot of growing s

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  5. ShelterTech High Tunnel Greenhouse: A Large-Scale Farming Solution

    ShelterTech High Tunnel Greenhouse: A Large-Scale Farming Solution
    As a commercial farmer, you are always looking for the best ways to increase your large-scale farming yields. If you want to extend your growing season, you will need more greenhouse space to properly grow plants and vegetables. A high tunnel greenhouse could be the right solution for your large-scale farming needs. Here’s how high tunnels can help your large-scale farming operation produce higher yields, so you’ll sell more locally grown goods.

    What is a High Tunnel Greenhouse?

    High tunnel greenhouses are unheated structures  that can help commercial farmers extend their growing season. In addition, high tunnel greenhouses aid large-scale farming by extending the harvest by providing protection from the elements. The result is a more-stable production system that poses less risk of crop failure. They also help commercial farmers improve the profitability and productivity of their farms. High tunnels and cold frame greenhouses are sometimes referred to interchangeably.  High Tunnel Greenhouses are considered cold frame greenhouses, when  they don’t require heaters, fans, or other environment-controlling equipment. Rather, they simply consist of a translucent fabric cover, a steel frame, and rely solely on the sun for heat. To regulate internal temperature, high tunnel greenhouses are often ventilated  simply by lifting the side panels or unzipping the front or rear panel. However, sometimes high tunnel greenhouses can be customized with fans, heaters and other accessories. The
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  6. Grower’s Guide: Tips for Fall Gardening

    Tips for Fall Gardening | Fall Gardening Tips

    Many people work diligently in their gardens starting in the late spring and extending into the summer only to get ready for winter about three months earlier than they should. Depending on the gardening zone you live in, you might not realize that you actually have plenty of time to keep your garden growing before the winter hits.

    If you have been interested in maintaining a garden during the fall, you have come to the right place. Here are our biggest tips for fall gardening successfully, even into a mild winter, if you feel like extending the season that far.

    How to Clean Up Your Garden to Prepare for Fall Gardening

    As each season comes and goes, you will need to prepare your garden for a different kind of gardening. Maintenance, planting, and preparing will all be different depending on the climate you experience during each season. That means that if you are starting to garden in the fall for the first time, you need to prepare for it. Start preparing before you expect the weather to turn. For many people across North America, this will be between August and October.

    Consider what perennials you want to keep

    Many of the annual flowers and vegetables you plant will begin to die back after their summer flowering season. If you are trying to make way for new fall plants, you should pull these out. If you want, you can save the seedheads to try and propagate new plants during the following spring. Some varieties won't grow well due to genetic manipulation by the developers if they have copyrighted the plants.

    Once you have cleaned out the annuals that are dying back, consider which perennials you want to keep. Some perennials will offer excellent fall and winter interest. One example includes allium varieties. Allium tends to bloom on tall stalks, at the top of which are large clusters of flowers. When they dry out, they often remain standing and give your garden a fun texture throughout the fall and summer.

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  7. The Benefits of High Tunnel Greenhouses for Commercial Growing

    The Benefits of High Tunnel Greenhouses for Commercial Growing

    What are High Tunnel Greenhouses?

    If you’re looking for a spacious, customizable and easy-to-use gardening solution, high tunnel greenhouses might be the perfect solution. High tunnel greenhouses (also referred to as hoop buildings) are large, unheated greenhouse structures that help extend the growing season and protect plants. High tunnels are often considered cold frame greenhouses because they don’t require heaters, fans, or other environment-controlling equipment to serve their purpose. Rather, they simply consist of a translucent fabric cover, a steel frame, and rely solely on the sun for internal heat.

    The Benefits of High Tunnel Greenhouses

    high tunnel greenhouses

    Expand Growing Capabilities.

    Outdoor weather can be pretty unpredictable, especially at the start of the growing season. Early morning frost, frozen ground, or unseasonable heat waves often prevent farmers or gardeners from trying new crops or starting crops earlier or later in the season. These inconvenient weather complications tend to damage delicate growing seedlings and starter plants. High tunnels are most beneficial because of their ability to extend your growing season and plant options. With a high tunnel, plants grow in a more controlled climate, minimizing the impact of threateningly hot or cold weather and allowing you to get a jump start on the growing season. These units not only allow you to plant longer but make growing ten

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