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  1. Canoe vs Kayak: Which Boat is Best for Your Camping Adventure?

    Canoe vs Kayak: Which Boat is Best for Your Camping Adventure?

    Whether taking a gentle paddle down a quiet river in a canoe, or twisting and turning down exciting rapids in a kayak, both options provide endless fun and incredible health benefits. When deciding on a canoe boat or a kayak boat, it’s important to know the key similarities and differences to ensure you make the right purchase and enjoy outdoor adventures like camping trips to the fullest.

    Regardless of your preference between a canoe and kayak, you should also know how to properly store one to protect your investment between camping adventures.

    Canoe vs Kayak: What are the similarities?

    • Both provide great workouts: Regardless of which watercraft you choose, both a canoe and kayak will provide a great cardiovascular workout and increase muscle strength with low-impact exercise. It will get your blood pumping and body moving without worrying about the wear and tear you might experience from other workouts like running.
    • Mental health benefits: Did you know that exercising near water has been shown to reduce depression? Besides, nothing will put you in a better mood than seeing a dolphin or turtle swim by in the open water. Both of these activities will not only impact your physical shape, but your mental health as well.
    • Ideal for camping trips: Both m...
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  2. How to Pack for a Kayaking Trip

    How to Pack for a Kayaking Trip

    When you’re a fan of both kayaking and camping, nothing is more enjoyable than combining the two for an exciting and relaxing kayaking trip that lasts more than one day. But when heading to a campsite via boat, it means you’ll have to be creative when packing gear for kayaking and camping all at once contained within your watercraft. In order to have a successful trip, have a concrete plan for kayaking gear that will keep you safe and comfortable once hitting the campsite.

    Plan First for a Successful Camping and Kayaking Trip

    When getting ready for kayak travel, whether it’s one day or a week, it’s important to create a plan first. Mapping out the entire trip will provide a safer and more enjoyable experience as a whole. Decide whether you plan to cook or bring shelf stable food, and what types of outdoor shelters you may need for the campsite. Know where you’re headed and for how long which will help to decide which kayaking gear to bring, along with food and shelter needs for the length of your trip.

    Once deciding on the details of your kayaking trip, get pen and paper ready. Write down what kayaking gear to pack, and where you plan to store it in your boat. This will avoid having to pack an entire boat only to realize you’re missing something, requiring you to unload and repack. The time spent planning ahead for kayaking travel will save you trouble once embarking on your trip.

    How to Pack for a Kayaking Trip
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