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  1. How to Get Rid of Flies from Your Backyard

    How to Get Rid of Flies from Your Backyard

    There are thousands of kinds of flies and even more insects classed under the order Diptera. These insects are in the same order since they have one set of wings, and they are by-and-large "nuisance" flies. Houseflies are among the most common types of flies that aren't afraid of showing up in hordes around human development.

    Houseflies aren't necessarily dangerous, but they are an irritating pest, especially if you try to hang out in your backyard only to be mobbed by these winged insects. They lay their eggs in all kinds of garbage, rotting material, or animal feces. An infestation of the pests limits the amount of time you can spend time enjoying your outdoor space. If you are ready to get rid of the flies interrupting your outdoor time with your family, you have come to the right place.

    Why Are There So Many Flies in My Backyard?

    First, let's take a look at why you might have an infestation of houseflies. These aren't extremely logical creatures, so there isn't always an obvious reason. However, getting rid of them might be as simple as figuring out why they are there and taking away that geographic incentive.

    For example, houseflies will be attracted to areas in which they can sense rotting material or feces. Do you have a dog that regularly eliminates in the backyard? How often do you clean up after them? If your backyard is littered with feces that you haven't had time to grab yet, the presence of all these flies is telling you that now is the time.

    Another common item that attracts houseflies is open or overstuffed garbage cans. Are your garbage cans placed in a part of your backyard where it is easy for the flies to get into the rest of your backyard space? Consider moving your trash cans so that they are further away from where you enjoy sitting. That is especially true if you enjoy eating outside since the flies will happily move from the trash to swarm around your new, great-smelling food.

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  2. Upgrade Your Backyard with an Outdoor Permanent Gazebo

    Upgrade Your Backyard with an Outdoor Permanent Gazebo

    Spending time outside is an excellent mood booster. Not only does it change the scenery, but it alleviates any "stuffy" feelings if you have been inside for too long. When you have an backyard living setup with a shelter like an outdoor permanent gazebo, it’s possible to get some fresh air any time of the year — rain or shine! By enhancing your backyard, you can expand your home’s potential and create more options for relaxation and entertaining. 

    permanent gazebo can become practically anything you want it to be, from an outdoor play place to a picnic area. It’s different from a portable fold-up gazebo that can be tucked away in off-seasons. Instead, a permanent gazebo is built to stay outside all year and handle all types of weather conditions. It comes with mosquito netting and nylon drapes to keep out rain, wind, cold, and bugs. Here’s how to upgrade your backyard with a permanent gazebo.

    Material Options

    Gazebos are typically made of wood, metal, or vinyl. Strong metals like steel are used for permanent gazebos that stay in the same spot for years. You’ll find both prefabricated and custom gazebos in this material. Wood is also a popular material for permanent gazebos and is more commonly seen in custom units. These materials cost more because the results are longer lasting, and the structures require more tools, skill, and labor to install.

    Homeowners who prefer something more affordable and portable opt for gazebos made of vinyl or light metals like aluminum. These “popup” solutions often have fabric or canvas tops and are light enough to assemble and take down with minimal assistance. Some gazebos are light enoug...

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  3. Planning an Upgrade for your Swimming Pool Area

    Planning an Upgrade for your Swimming Pool Area
    Is your pool area in need of a fresh new look? Whether you want to completely remodel your swimming pool or just give it a facelift, this is the perfect time to do a backyard makeover. An inspiring pool design can breathe new life into your property and increase its value.

    With these simple tips, you can plan an upgrade for your swimming pool area and make the most of your outdoor space. Then, take your pool design from great to amazing with personalized touches.

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